Double Dares with BBH - Robyn @ Stay Beautiful

For this weeks double dares challenge, Robyn from over at Stay Beautiful decided that David Bowie was a decent theme. Bowie reminds me of secondary school and hanging out in the music rooms at dinner. We figured out how to link our mp3 players to the CD player, the CD player to the amp and the amp to the speakers and we'd blast Bowie through half of the school. Our teacher didn't seem impressed...but I think he was, secretly...

I used the cover from Alladin Sane as my inspiration, since it is one of the most iconic images in popular culture AND one of the most recreated make-up looks. I didn't want to do the thunder strike since everyone has probably done it at some point, so instead I kept the idea of sharp lines, colour and graphic prints.

Thanks for challenging me, Robyn :) Everyone should go and check out her Bowie inspired look over at her blog - I'm sure it's awesome!

(P.S) I popped up a poll in the side bar so you can vote for which company you would like to see me review next, please take a second to vote!


  1. I love this look! so inspiring!

    oh and i voted :)

  2. Voted! Love how you did the cheeks here, what is your method? When I've tried I used an index card or postcard, wondering if you know another! Fabulous look all around.

  3. I actually love that you didn't do a literal interpretation! The lips are gorrrrrgeous. <3

  4. omg i love this so much!! xx
    how gorgeous is that yello set against your brown eyes

  5. So awesome! I have really been loving these series of posts. They are really fun. :)

  6. MWAHAHA, this is amazing!!! I love the straight face on shot, it's so Bowie! Nice job, girl.

  7. Ooh Lily you are brilliant. That is all.

  8. I love your intepretation! It's very david bowie, even without the lightning bolt! Very cool.

  9. Aw, that is sooo beautiful! It's really 80's, I love it - especially the yellow in the corner of the eyes. Gorgeous!

  10. this looks amazing! i love the way you've done the cheeks! and your brows are fabulous as ever!

  11. This is so awesome! did you airbrush the geometric shapes on or hand blend? The fade looks so perfect. xx

  12. Love it! David Bowie is pretty freaking awesome!

  13. Love this! I think the color stripes look so great, I love how they fade up.

  14. @ Emily Anne, thank you :) And thanks for voting!

    @ Dainty Darling Digits, I use tape and stick it just under the cheek bone, then buff the blush above it. Stick the tape to your top a couple times to take some of the stickiness off so it doesn't hurt to peel it back off! Thanks for voting!

    @ Silhouette Screams, thank you! I sorta want to do a literal look now, though :S

    @ Liloo, thank you! I love yellow with brown eyes! Yellow doesn't really suit me though :/

    @ Susan, thank you :) Glad you like these posts! It's great to get others involved in your blog.

    @ Snooze, thank you!

    @ Wendy, haha, thanks m'dear!

    @ Leanne, aw, thank you! :)

    @ Amber, thanks! Glad it channeled some Bowie haha

    @ Jennifer Leigh, thanks!

    @ Robyn, thanks! The yellow is from Yaby. Thanks again for taking part :D

    @ Jenny, thanks! I think the brows look a bit scary filled in black haha.

    @ Chicky, thanks! The shapes were created using tape and a fluffy face brush.

    @ Kimberly, thanks! He is!

    @ Heather, thank you :) I love doing the tape trick!


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