Darling Girl Cosmetics 'Follow Up' Review (Plus Swatches)

Ok, so I've reviewed Darling Girl Cosmetics a while back, but that was when Susan sent me some products to review in the very first days of her company. This was my first experience as a 'normal customer' so I thought a follow up made perfect sense!

[[ Darling Girl Cosmetics products ]]

Ordered: 10th January
Shipped: 14th January
Arrived: 26th January at the UK Borders Agency...
Customs Charge Slip: Landed on my mat on 2nd February
Got my Paws on it: 3rd February
Shipping cost: $5.50 from the US to the UK - not bad at all.

Yeah guys, I got thoroughly abused by customs who slapped an £11.98 customs fee on my parcel -_- Not impressed, but to be honest I've been lucky not to get one so far! Custom fees apply to parcels marked as 'Merchandise' or 'Other' with a value of £18 or over and parcels marked as 'Gift' with a value of £40 or over. Usually I spend about £25 in one order with most companies, so really I'm just surprised that in 5 years of ordering makeup from other countries it's only now I'm being charged. Anyway! You're not interested in that...

[[ Demonwasp, Scarecrow, Tarnished, Honey Pot, Cider and Ginger ]]

Demonwasp (GWP) - A silvery, pale, cool toned green with hints of gold.
Scarecrow - A medium golden-purple which glows with an orange/ red duochrome.
Tarnished - A medium plum-brown with fine gold and silver glitter.
Honey Pot - An astoundingly metallic orange-gold with traces of fine pink and green glitter.
Cider - A pale, cool toned, slightly golden brown with fine silver glitter.
Ginger - A beautiful, neutral peachy-tan with a soft, satin finish.

Can I just say - LOVE. Scarecrow is easily the most stunning eyeshadow I own, it's unbelievably gorgeous - it really does seem to glow and I couldn't help but stare at the swatch on my arm for aaaages. Each is so unique, I think Darling Girl are going to give longer running indie make-up companies a run for their money. 

[[ Pixie Potion Layering Glosses in 'Rayne', 'Ariella' and 'Skye' ]]

Rayne - Golden shimmer.
Ariella - Coppery pink shimmer.
Skye -  Pinky purple shimmer.

The layering glosses are coloured shimmer suspended in what looks like a pearly white base. Once applied, the base in actually clear and leaves behind a glowing, coloured, subtle colour. These are intended to be layered over lipsticks and stains to give them a little more of a 'Wow' factor...I tried layering one over a dark colour but it just came off on to the wand :S They feel more like a balm than a gloss, non sticky, non drying - lovely! I'll save these for 'Can't be bothered with lipstick' days.

[[ Sweet Cheeks Blush in 'Impetuous', Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm in 'Sweet Pea' ]]

Impetuous - A juicy, red-pink which reminds me a little of raspberries.
Sweet Pea - A pink-plum.

The Sweet Cheeks blush kinda surprised me, as soon as your fingertips (yeah shoot me, I prefer applyting cream blush with fingers) it melts into what I could only call an oily, almost liquid balm. It looks a bit like a lip gloss. Once blended into your skin, the colour intensity dies down and the oily appearance disappears. It should be interesting to see how well this will hold up on my oily skin! The Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm is lovely - non drying and quite well pigmented. I can see myself wearing it often :)

Petit Jar of Eyeshadow - $2
Mini Pixie Potion Layering Gloss - $3.25
Kiss Me Tinted Lip Balm - $4.50
Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush - $6.50

Overall, I'm very happy and impressed with my Darling Girl Cosmetics products! I'll no doubt be ordering more cream blushes, tinted lip balms and eyeshadows in future! Susan is currently in the middle of moving house and expects Darling Girl to be up and running again sometime next month, no doubt I'll update you when the store is back in action :)


  1. I completely agree with you re the uniqueness of their colours - they're so complex and just beautiful aren't they?! I love the texture of all the lip things I've tried too :)

  2. These look fab, shame about customs, i hate it when that happens x

  3. I ordered from Darling Girl last month. I ordered loads of samples so I'm still playing about with them then gonna do a review. I love them xx

  4. Ouch about the customs fees. Glorious colours though :P

  5. I LOVE Darling Girl! Susan makes such great products! Scarecrow is one of my favorite colors! And the Sweet Cheeks Blush is such a great formula!

  6. I have actually never heard of this brand. But I am from the states, so I will def have to check them out. The swatches look gorgeous!
    Thanks for this lovely post!

  7. Ugh Honey Pot is ridiculously pretty. I must get around to buying it one day, since everybody seems to own it but me!

  8. @ Emily, indeed they are! Before you open up the jar and swatch you have no idea what's hidden in there haha. I want more tinted lip balms!

    @ Nicoletta, they are lovely, I fully recommend you try them out if you fancy something new. Aye, I'm going to be very careful from now on to keep orders way under £18!

    @ Mybutterfly63, leave me a link when you post the review? I'm always interested in knowing what others think of companies I like!

    @ The Student's Guide..., yep! Glorious colours make it worth it haha.

    @ The Peach, she really does make great products! I'm impressed with everything I have :) I've been wearing the cream blush the last few days and love it!

    @ Emily Anne, oooh, certainly check them out when they reopen! I'll keep you all updated whenever that happens.

    @ SilhouetteScreams, Honey Pot is a stunner! You mus must MUST get 'Scarecrow' if you place an order :)

  9. Scarecrow is pretty amazing! Love your swatches.


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