REVIEW - Taxi London 'Pimlico' Lipstick

As you may have guessed from yesterday's post, all of Taxi London's range are named after places in England's beloved capitol city. I guess that's fairly quirky - better than naming them after things associated with taxis afterall...'Kebab', 'Rip Off' and 'Boozy Bird' don't seem quite as chic, do they?

I was drawn to the Taxi London lipstick for two reasons - 1. They were being sold for £1 each. 2. How tiny and cute they looked. It's true, shameful but true - I do get suckered in to buying products just because I like the packaging sometimes! However, unlike a few things I've bought partly just for the packaging, this Taxi London lipstick has not left me disappointed. 

[[ Taxi London lipstick in 'Pimlico' ]]

Packaged in a sleek, little silver tube and housed in a pink box, these lipsticks scream 'Young teen!' to me - but heck, I still like it! The product itself is smooth and soft to apply, feeling incredibly moisturising and comfortable on the lips. A few hours in to wear and my lips didn't feel a touch dry - fantastic! 'Pimlico' lasted an average time on me, but quite well for a non-matte formula.

[[ Taxi London 'Pimlico' lipstick vs. MAC 'Toxic Tale' ]]

A vivid coral-red in the tube, I was wondering if perhaps I'd picked up a dupe for MAC 'Toxic Tale', a colour I fell in love with last year. Close....but no cigar. 'Pimlico' is sheerer and more pink than 'Toxic Tale', which is far more opaque and clearly a few notches redder.

[[ Taxi London 'Pimlico' worn. Flash killed it a bit! ]]

MAC 'Toxic Tale' dupe or not, 'Pimlico' is a lovely, fun, unusual shade which I can see myself wearing quite often once the Sun finally come out!

Are you going to rock some bright lips this Spring?


  1. It is a beautiful color on you! I love it (:
    I know I'm not going to rock bright lips this Spring (not just because of the fact that here in Australia we're more towards the end of summer and gearing up for winter again!) - I feel like paler shades are still acceptable for spring and brighter eyes?

  2. That is a beautiful color! Even the packaging is nice :) Great stuff!

  3. thats such a lovely shade of pink :)

  4. I'm going to bust out some bright pink lips today - it's dingy and I can't be arsed to do anything else with my face :D

  5. Lovey colour :) Im actually liking pink lips recently, usually I go for the red lips!

  6. Hey there! I love your blog and I gave you a blog award! Thanks for being awesome ;)

  7. Oooh I actually really really like this, will keep an eye out!

  8. @ Suki, agreed, pale shades are usually 'on trend' for makeup in spring. Pastels and 'baby' colours out in force. I prefer livelier colours through Spring and Summer.

    @ AmericanMakeup, agreed 100% :)

    @ T. Rose, it really is. Far more red IRL though.

    @ Robyn, haha, I bust out bright colours on dull days, too :)

    @ Aoife, I think red is classier but pink is far more fun :)

    @ Elyse, thanks for the award!

    @ Leanne, definitely keep an eye out :) Bargains to be had!

    @ Tanisa O Rossi, it is!


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