REVIEW - Peacocks Evie Glam Glitter Eyeliner

When it was announced last year that Peacocks would be releasing their own range of make-up, 'Evie Glam', I was curious to see how it would turn out. Utter crap, like Primark's range? Amazingly awesome, like Topshop's? I had to find out.

[[ Peacock's Evie Glam glitter eyeliner ]]

The packaging is simple and straight to the point - precisely how I like it. I have to say, I'm a fan of the starry lid - I know some people will think it's naff, but hey, this line is aimed at teenage girls after all. It aint exactly going to be as beautiful as Guerlain's packaging, is it?

[[ On its own, over black eyeliner. Out of focus to show sparkle. ]]

The shade I picked was deep, midnight blue with spatterings of multi-coloured glitter and a clear base. It doesn't have a specific shade name; I noticed a pink, gold and I think a purple glitter eyeliner, too. I was impressed that I didn't have to layer at all to achieve a pretty impressive amount of glitter. Over a black base, the sparkle really shines through - the perfect way to add some interest to the traditional flicked eyeliner!

[[ Applied over black eyeliner ]]

The formula was the perfect consistency - not runny, not gunky, not sticky. It also dried quickly and didn't flake or budge until I removed it! Excellent!

My only complaint would be the placement of these in the store - in the queueing isle. I hate that! You can't exactly have a proper look at the stand if the queue's moving in front of you and there's a woman with a buggy behind you inching you forwards by budging the back of your ankles with its front wheels. Annoying? Yes, yes it is. They should move it around to where the accessories are.

Overall I'm impressed and would definitely buy another Evie Glam glitter eyeliner - at £2.50 it's a definite bargain. I'd be interested in trying other products from the line, which includes - nail polish, lip gloss, blush and look books.

Have you tried any Evie Glam products yet?


  1. I like the teenage girl packaging! I haven't been to Peacocks in donkeys years, should probably fix that!

  2. i suppose the place in there to see if it's popular in the first place! looks good! x

  3. Ohh, might give it a look. Although i always buy glitter eyeliners like a the magpiebitch I am and then never use them :(

  4. I like the look of these. And going by your review will definitely pick one up to try out.
    Ha and i completely agree about putting things like this in a better place to have a nosey at. XX

  5. what a bargain! it looks lovely on you, your eyeliner flick is perfect! i wish i had your steady hand! x

  6. That looks beautiful on you!

  7. it looks amazing on! i must learn how to do it x

  8. I wear black liquid liner everyday, and genuinely never think to put glitter liner on over it! Must give it a try, plus you can't really argue for £2.50! xo

  9. omgggg do want. I love glitter eyeliners...

  10. @ Robyn, definitely need to. I always bob in to see if they have any nice shoes or jewellery...rare, but when they do they're real winners!

    @ vivthediv, maybe, but surely people would buy more if they had time to look at it?

    @ Caz, ahaha, I used to do that! I'd never use them and they'd dry out :/ Now I only have two.

    @ BeautybyPaula, well worth a look. £2.50 well spent!

    @ QuiteQuaint, thanks! Takes me ages to get a neat line though haha

    @ Jennifer Leigh, thanks! I love the look of glitter over black.

    @ Kirstyb, thanks, it's very easy :)

    @ Alex, it is indeed!

    @ Emily, ha, you really must try it out! Different colours = different looks every day :D

    @ Wendy, it is a beaut'! Lemme know if you ever want a CP.


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