REVIEW - Figs & Rouge 'Rambling Rose' Organic Lip Balm

In dire need of a new lip balm, I went on a little hunt. I wanted something petroleum free (I can't stand the feel of petroleum based products) and containing as many natural ingredients as possible. Enter Figs & Rouge - a UK brand whose products are 100% organic, free from mineral oil and free from petroleum but packed up with lip loving ingredients instead.

I ordered from Super Smoocher and my package arrived a couple of days later. The balm was wrapped in a twist of hot pink tissue paper and as I opened it, tiny red sequin hearts fluttered out onto the table - how cute!? I love when companies pay attention to detail, presentation is everything, right? Also included in the package was a discount code and a couple of Vegan Society leaflets.

[[ Pretty! ]]

Figs and Rouge lip balm tins are undeniably gorgeous! I'm a sucker for vintage looking packaging and art nouveau, so combine them and you've got me hook, line and sinker. The bottom of the tin contains all of the important stuff - weight, ingredients and directions for use. I imagine the tin would take quite a battering in the bottom of a handbag, but the lid is tight enough not to be falling off.

[[ Clear, free of flavour ]]

The balm itself smells stunning, a soft, slightly herbal rose scent which reminds me a little of Turkish Delight. It isn't the least bit overpowering and I can't smell it at all once applied. Also, it is completely taste free. Solid until warmed by your finger tips, Figs and Rouge balm glides on effortlessly without tugging at your lips. On me, it lasts a few hours before wearing off and leaves my lips feeling well moisturised and protected.

I'd certainly recommend for anyone looking for a more natural, moisturising lip balm, with a mature look and feel to it. Other scents include 'Peppermint and Tea Tree' and 'Sweet Geranium'. RRP £3.45 for 7g of product. Super Smoocher currently have a sale on Figs & Rouge lip balms - well worth checking out!


  1. I have that one too!It's amazing for the lips as well as for the face (eg when you have a cold and there are dry patches, or as a deep moisturizing face balm) and it works wonders!i'm thinking I'll be ordering the sweet geranium soon as love the Rambling rose one!
    Thanks for reviewing!

  2. Looks and sounds fab. I dont use a lot of lipbalms but i would definately consider this one thanks for the review x

  3. Sounds lovely- will definitely be checking this out. I have very dry lips which doesnt really work well with my fetish for red lipstick

  4. You had me at 'reminds me of Turkish delight'. Yum.

  5. I love it when items are packaged so it is obvious that time and effort is taken with each one!
    Will have to try this x

  6. @ Ria, I've got my eye on the Sweet Geranium one, too :) I couldn't imagine applying it to my face! Far too greasy, I imagine it would be great for dry skin though.

    @ Nicoletta, it is lovely. I only ever use lip balm under lipstick, but it's always good to have one around.

    @ Jen W, na, always best to have smooth lips for bright lipstick!

    @ RaeRae, haha, I keep smelling it, goooorgeous!

    @ Charli, ditto! Hope you enjoy it :D

    @ Jennifer Leigh, it is beautiful!


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