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British, independent, products completely free from SLS, SLES and parabens, fresh, organic 'ingredients' from a sustainable source - EllaPure tick all the right boxes for me! When they contacted me to see if I was interested in reviewing their products, I was surprised I had not heard of them before - especially with how 'trendy' such companies have become in recent years.

[[ EllePure 'Wonder Wash' and lemon essential oil ]]

'Wonder Wash' is a thick, gel wash which can also be used as a body wash, bubble bath, shower gel or shampoo - talk about multi-tasking! It was designed as a 'base carrier' for essential oils, meaning that you add your chosen essential oil and 'Wonder Wash' will help it to evenly disperse through the water. I found it easy to combine the two and was delighted to find that the lemon essential oil smells of true, zesty, strong lemon. Nothing beats a citrusy body wash - so energizing and refreshing! Without the added essential oils, 'Wonder Wash' is entirely fragrance free.

Let's all just confess that by now we've all been conditioned to think that the more foam there is - the cleaner we are. I must admit that I was relieved when 'Wonder Wash' started to foam up a little, despite being SLS free. As a body wash it left me feeling clean and refreshed, without any oily residue or clammy feeling left on my skin. However, there were no moisturising benefits and my skin didn't feel smoother - the lemon smell washed away, too. As a basic body wash, 'Wonder Wash' was fine but lacked that 'Wow' factor which would make me purchase it in future. 

As a shampoo though, I really enjoyed EllaPure's 'Wonder Wash'! Lathered up a little, spread well through my incredibly thick hair, left it squeaky clean, there was no left over residue and didn't agitate my scalp. Not bad at all! It also worked well paired with my usual conditioner.

Priced at £9.50 for 250ml of 'Wonder Wash', it's quite economical since it could save you from buying shower gel, shampoo, bubble bath and hand wash. I imagine those without much storage space in their bathroom would love this multi-tasker! Larger 1ltr bottles are priced at £22. Essential oils cost between £5 - £50 for 5ml of product. Available from the EllaPure website.

Product provided by EllaPure's PR team.
* The company is called EllaPure - I was sent old stock before the name change, hence 'EllePure' on the labels.

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  1. Love the idea of being able to add your own scent... If I ever decided to go SLS free, I'd definitely consider this!


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