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How could I pass up on the opportunity to try a product called 'Wonder Cream'? I couldn't! I was drawn to 'Wonder Cream' because it contains a base of carrot oil - high in vitamin A and excellent for skin diseases and ailments. I had stopped using hand cream due to eczema and didn't know where to start in finding an eczema friendly cream, so if a cream claims to contain a 'herbal healer' - I'm there! EllaPure 'Wonder Cream' also contains essential oils of tea tree, manuka and chamomile in a carrot oil base. This rich mix of ingredients promises to be anti-inflammatory, nourishing and moisturising.

[[ Glass jar, metal screw top lid. ]]

The packaging is simple and straight to the point - something I like in a product. It's also small enough to pop into your hand bag so you can apply it on the move. 

As soon as I unscrewed the lid, I was hit by a very familiar smell. Jim Beam whiskey. I kid you not - it smells exactly like it. I was so surprised that I couldn't help but keep sniffing it to try and detect any other smell, but it always came back to whiskey. Very strange, not something I would expect from a hand cream at all! I quite like it though, maybe because all of my 'whiskey stories' are good ones, though! The scent lingers until you wash your hands, so this probably isn't for you if you don't want to smell like you've had a particularly harsh night out. 

As for nourishing, moisturising and anti-inflammatory? Tick, tick, tick! Full points! My hands are soft and smooth, I usually rub this in about ten minutes before a shower so I can wash the smell away (it jars with my perfume quite badly). I do a lot of wood work so my hands usually have a few splinters and scrapes, thankfully 'Wonder Cream' did not sting them at all. My nails have seem stronger and have started growing a bit faster, my eczema has not flared up and my dry Winter hands are now a thing of the past! Excellent!

'Wonder Cream' and EllaPure's other 'Rescue Creams' ('Digestion Cream', 'Acy Body Cream', 'Breathe Easy Cream' and 'Working Hands' cream are priced at £5 each for 30g of product. Available here.

Provided for review by EllaPure's PR team.
* The company is called EllaPure, I was sent products from before the name change from 'EllePure' - hence the label.

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  1. I don't think I could handle the smell! It sounds like a nice product except for that.


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