REVIEW - E.L.F Cream Eyeliner

E.L.F are always getting a lot of love from bloggers, so I figured I'd try out this low cost brand for my very first cream eyeliner. I freelance on occasion as a make-up artist for fashion photographers and get through a fair amount of eyeliner in the process, but always liquid or cake. I thought a cream eyeliner would be a decent choice for my kit since it would cut out having to dampen my brush or transfer messy products from tube to palette.
[[ E.L.F Cream Eyeliner - Sleek, sturdy, glass jar ]]

The colour I chose was a basic black, which is opaque in a few thin layers. I'm not used to having to layer eyeliner for full opacity, so for me, as an eyeliner I'm not a fan. As a base for dark, metallic or duochrome eyeshadows though - we have a winner! I like using this under matte blacks for a ridiculously dark finish. The small angle brush it comes with splays a bit with usage and it a little too wide for fine lines. On that note, I'd recommend you use a synthetic brush with this as you need to wash it after each use - otherwise your brush will get clumpy straight away. Not fun!

[[ ELF Black cream eyeliner alone, layered with MAC 'Pink Bronze', Darling Girl 'Enigma' and MUA 'Shade 12' ]]

As for wear, I was pleasantly surprised that this last all day, is smudge proof and water resistant. When I first bought this, I thought that perhaps it would work on the waterline, too...I was wrong. It didn't hurt, but my eyes DID water, resulting in black smudgey rings around my eyes - attractive. It dries to a true matte finish, which looks lovely paired with glimmering eyeshadow. 

[[ Matte finish, not quite opaque ]]

 Removal can be a pain, but nothing a cotton bud and some cleanser can't handle - however, it is for this reason that E.L.F cream eyeliner wont be making its way into my fashion make-up kit - quick changes would be next to impossible! It would be ideal for bridal or stage make-up though, tear and sweat resistant!

Would I buy this again? Hmm. Perhaps as an eyeshadow base, but as for eyeliners, right now I'll stick to my Kryolan ones! 4.7g of product for £3.50 from the E.L.F website.


  1. So glad you did this review! I was going to get a lot of these gel liners, i might just get a couple of coloured ones for eyeshadow bases. !!

    Your eyebrows are perfect! Have you done a post on how you do them?

    Hannah xx

  2. Ooh thanks for that, I've been wondering whether I should buy this or not... I have an. Urban Decay cream eyeliner that ive used for some FOTDs and it's quite opaque too with just one layer, maybe it's a cream eyeliner thing??!


  3. Thanks for the review. I'm with Beauty Marked here...I was going to go for it but may be not. What I don't like about it is that it gives you a wash of black and not a true black. Disappointed.

  4. Sounds not bad for the price, but not the best one on the market - thanks for reviewing it! xx

  5. Maybe I'll try using my olive one as an eyeshadow base! I don't like it as an eyeliner either... mine was sort of... chunky? It was weird. Cheap though so it's ok.

  6. I purchased a few of these myself and haven't been able to use them yet. I am curious now how they will do once applied to my eye and not just the back of my hand. LOL Thanks for the review :)

  7. I was thinking about buying this, good thing I saw this first. ELF has some pretty good products but I think when something doesn't work from them, it really doesn't work. Like their primer...

    Thanks for the review!

  8. I agree with Mercedes, I don't really like how it's such a washed-out black... But that being said, you have amazing liner skills :)

  9. I guess I'll be skipping this one! Pink Bronze does look fabulous over the top though :D

  10. @ Beauty Marked, it's worth trying a couple just to see how you like them. They're pretty good as bases, though! Thanks! I'm eyebrows obsessed, somehow haven't posted about how I do my eyebrows though...Might do an 'Eyebrows 101' post :D

    @ esteeem, aye, maybe! People love gel eyeliners though...I guess the consistency must be totally different.

    @ Mercedes, yeah, it's just not worth the effort it takes to try to get a nice, neat, true black line. Next to impossible for me with this stuff! Nice as a base, though!

    @ TheBristolBeautyBlog, definitely not bad for the price, just not one I'd recommend for a base, go for it!

    @ Wendy, really? I've heard so many people say the olive is the best one for texture! Might be a bit hit and miss.

    @ froggistyle73, try them out! Might work better for you :) Oil/ creamy remover is a must, though.

    @ Kimberly, I've never tried the primer, but was thinking of trying it when my TFSI runs out - thanks for the heads up. Tbh, I haven't been that impressed with anything from ELF!

    @ Jennifer, me either - I'm all for true jet blacks! Thanks, I did that with the little angle brush which comes with it, took a few tries to make it look half decent haha.

    @ SilhouetteScreams, haha, 'tis worth skipping. Pink Bronze is a stunner over black!


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