REVIEW - Beauty UK No. 6 'Day and Night' Palette

Recently Beauty UK contacted me via Twitter to see if I would like to review some of their products after Emily pointed my blog out to them. I know that they also contacted a whoooole bunch of other bloggers, so do expect Beauty UK to be spamming your news feed sometime in the near future!

The Beauty UK 'Day and Night' palette (although, on the back of the packaging, the name given is simply 'Eyeshadow Collection 6') is a healthy mix of neutrals and brights. I like palettes like this since it's so easy to create both day and night eyeshadow looks without having to delve into my eyeshadow drawer and search for the right colours.

[[ Beauty UK 'Day and Night' palette ]]

Small, compact palette with a clear lid and a tiny sliver of a mirror. It also comes with the regular sponge applicator, but as ever - you're best off binning it! The packaging is surprisingly sturdy and I wouldn't think twice before flinging this into the bottom of a travel bag.

[[ Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection 6 swatches ]]

The white and shell colours are both shimmery, but not 'OMGGLITTERBALLTASTIC' so they can definitely be used to highlight. The shell shade is particularly subtle and glowy on my medium-warm skin. The yellow shade is actually more of a chartreuse green and quite a unique shade to find in a budget eyeshadow palette. The blue and pale pink are both vivid, striking colours which would be perfect for Spring.

[[ Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection 6 swatches ]]

The black, golden-brown and wine shades are very well pigmented with the slightest amount of shimmer and blend easily to create an easy, fast smokey eye. The purple reminds me of a slightly bluer, paler MUFE 92. The hot pink is...well, a very hot pink.

As you can see, each shade applies nice and bold. Each eyeshadow glides on and blends effortlessly, though they are a little soft and powdery so you can expect some fall out. Over Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' or Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance' these last well through the entire day.

At £3.99 for 10 eyeshadows, Beauty UK eyeshadow palettes are certainly going under my 'bargain' tag! Available from the Beauty UK website or Superdrug, who currently have a half price sale across many Beauty UK items.

Product provided for review by Beauty UK.


  1. LOVE the look of the bottom left shimmery dark ones!
    might just have to buy this little beauty for those three :) xx

  2. Gorgeous - your swatches came out much nicer than mine! They're surprisingly good for a budget brand I think :) x

  3. I wonder if there is anywhere to get this in the US!


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