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Hey guys, you might have noticed one of my new pages - Indie Company Love. It currently features only six companies and I'd quite like it to grow through the year! So if you can think of ANY indie makeup, cosmetics, fashion, jewellery companies that you think I should try then please leave me a link :) First on my 'to try' list are...

Detrivore Cosmetics
Evil Shades
Morgana Minerals
Shiro Cosmetics
Persephone Minerals

I'd looove to try some handmade soaps and body lotions but shipping from the US means I'd end up paying stupid amounts for them :/ Ho hum!


  1. You definitely need to try Shiro - I can't believe you haven't already! They're beautiful! I just got a whole bunch of Haus of Gloi stuff today from GetLippie's giveaway and they're yummy too so if you haven't already tried them I'd definitely recommend them. The other company I tried and quite liked recently was Candy's Sweet Treats (on etsy) not the most amazing makeup I've ever tried but still pretty nice :) xx

  2. Squee!! I'm on the list. That made my day! Evil Shades rocks too. I have a full size of Zombie (shadow) and samples of Dryad and Elf Star. I have my eye on Flash Star, Drakon, & Phoenix as well as her new lip products. I'm also dying to try Shiro's shadows and some lipsticks from Morgana. I have a massive to try list on my blog, it seems to keep growing faster than I can keep up with. LOL

  3. You should add Sugarpill to the list :)

  4. How about High Voltage or Hi Fi cosmetics?

  5. @ Emily, I knooow! I'm so far behind on Shiro, aren't I? Haha. Haus of Gloi/ anything bulky is pretty expensive shipped to the UK so I haven't even thought of ordering from them :/ We need some UK bath/ body shops! I'll take a look at Candy's Sweet Treats - thanks!

    @ Persephone, haha, of course you're on the list! Every review I've seen of yours has said you have amazing duochromes (I LOVE duochromes). I'm with you on Morgana and Shiro - must review if you get any :) I had a look at your list - you might want to look at this review of Madd Styles, put me off ordering!

    @ Phyrra, I found a UK site recently which sells Sugarpill, so I might order a couple of things if I can :)

    @ Femputer, both are already on my list of tried/ approved companies. Would definitely order again though!

  6. O wow, I feel silly now, I have seen that review before. I guess it just didn't dawn on me. Eep.


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