Nothing about beauty products in this post, just thought I'd show you the effect lowering your shutter speed can have! For these pictures I lowered the shutter speed to it's lowest value, upped the aperture to allow in as much light as possible and then used flash AND a studio light to get a nice, bright image. I used Photoscape to lower the saturation by just over a half.

Tip your head forward so that your hair covers your face, click your shutter button HALF WAY to focus the camera, whip your hair back and about mid whip click the shutter button fully in. 

These literally took me all of five minutes, you could end up with something pretty darn cool if you put more thought into it. You can get some really interesting pictures this way, try walking quickly, swirling about in a flowing dress, even just putting lipstick on. The slightest amount of movement will cause the blur. If you want to play, try aiming your camera at moving traffic - it looks amaaazing at night!

If you spot any photographs with interesting lighting effects, leave me a link! I'd love to try and recreate them :)

(P.S) If you're interested in the effect of swishing your hair with a fast shutter speed, check out Silhouette Skies post here. Her blog photography in general is lovely!


  1. That last picture is sweeeeeet! :D

  2. So cool! My little point and click doesn't have a way to adjust these things. I think that is going to be my next big expeniture a nice camera. :)

  3. Amazing pictures!
    I am madly in love with your blog.

  4. oh this is dead cool :)
    i did a simular set of images but using the opposite method of making my shutter speed fast, to capture some mad hair pictures here:-


  5. i was wondering how i was gitting hits to my blog from yours! lol thanks for putting that up lovely :)
    and also thank you for following, it is much appriciated!

  6. @ femputer, thanks! There were fun to do :)

    @ Mercedes, thanks, try it out!

    @ Jen W haha, thanks, give it a go!

    @ Kaushal, thanks m'dear!

    @ Susan, aw, sometimes little compacts just aren't fun! Haha. Only invest in a DSLR if you're getting into photography as a serious hobby, otherwise decent compacts often have the same options as DSLRs these days!

    @ Catanya, aw, thank you, lovely!

    @ T. Rose, beautiful set you have there! I'll always link back if the post is relevant and you have a lovely blog!


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