FOTD - Shocking Pink

If you love pink, neon and lipstick then you most certainly need Barry M #52 lip paint. It's blindingly bright and incredibly gorgeous!

EYES - TFSI, Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection 6 (white, shell, gold-brown and black), Beauty UK 'Lash FX' mascara.

FACE - Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' foundation, Kryolan Ultra Foundation as concealer, Sleek universal powder, Ben Nye pink blush, The Balm 'Hot Mama' blush.

LIPS - MUA Shade 3, Barry M #52 lip paint.

I also came to the realisation today that I only own two bright pink lipsticks. I know, I know, I don't need more than one, but if you take into consideration that I have about eight reds it seems a little strange. I think I need another bright pink and a bright purple...maybe an orange....definitely a black...might as well get a white while I'm at it...


  1. ohh i love this!! really pretty :) xx

  2. I love that look! I've had my eye on that BeautyUK palette, the neutrals just look so lovely :) Are they decently pigmented? And I have that lip paint as well, I do love it but haven't had much of a chance to wear it yet (I haven't got much of a night life :P) In the first picture, it looks a lot more toned down than in real life, you'd think xx

  3. You look lovely :)
    You need some Morgana Cryptoria lipsticks!
    Azalea Blue, Shrieking Violet, Shrieking Orange, and probably a black, too :)

  4. I love this lip color! And yes you definitely do need more than one bright pink! Especially the fuchsia ones or the ones with blue shifts, my favorite!!

  5. LOVE the colour of the lips!

    Kaushal xx

  6. oOoO Macs Vegas Volt is a beautiful coral orange its my favorite for the summer time!!
    Nyx has 2 liners in Tangerine and Coral that go perfectly with the Vegas Volt

  7. Lovely shade of lipstick! I'm a sucker for pink lips...

  8. i like the soft pink on you. very nice.

  9. looks really good on you :)

    shel xx


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