FOTD - Digital Faerie

I realised today that I hadn't used two of my favourite eyeshadows in a long, long time - Fyrinnae 'Digital Faerie' and Urban Decay 'Honey'. Blue and gold look fantastic together, so luckily I could combine them in the same look...

[[Why yes, I do like slightly clumpy mascara...]]

EYES - TFSI, Hi-Fi High Impact Shadow Fix, Heavenly Naturals 'Hummingbird', Fyrinnae 'Digital Faerie', E. Funkhouser 'Risque', Yaby indigo, Yaby white, MAC 'Nylon', Kryolan liquid eyeliner, Urban Decay 'Lucky' pencil liner, Urban Decay 'Honey', Soap & Glory 'Arch de Triumph' pencil.

FACE - Kryolan Ultra Foundation, Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals, Sleek universal powder, Accessorize 'Bermuda' bronzer, Sleek 'Peach Glo' palette.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove', Taxi 'Mile End' gloss.

'Digital Faerie' is SUCH A PAIN to photograph accurately, it's a gorgeous, gleaming blue with vivid sparks of green and gold. It looks incredible foiled! This was one of the first eyeshadows I ever bought and I still love it now - a true stunner.

What's your favourite Fyrinnae eyeshadow? Found any old treasures in your makeup box lately?


  1. Without sounding like a creeper, I think you might actually be my favourite blog to go to for looks, they are always so bright and wow!
    This is gorgeous!!

    Love J.

  2. Beautiful! I love Digital Faerie. Picking a favorite Fyrinnae shadow is like picking my favorite candy...but I'll have to go with Nijiro just because it's my most used and my most favorite highlighter ever!

  3. This looks amazing. I have yet to order from Fyrinnae, I decided that I'm going to have to use up some of the make-up I already have first, make space for it! I have too many old treasures to list, plus they're all *really* old, so it would be slightly embarrassing.

  4. awwww your eyes look lovely and your pictures are great!xx

  5. Beautiful! I want to try Digital Faerie and Darling Girl Honey Pot now! If I had to pick a fave Fyrinnae shadow it would probably be Polar Bear because I use it all the time. I just got a package today, so right now I'm in love with Strip Poker, Electric Stardust and Fire Opal.

  6. Digital Faerie is one of my favorites. Love it!

  7. Very oceanic. I love the colours. I haven't tried fryrinnae yet, i just placed an order though so I'm excited to try some out :) Loved this look, however! Very pretty :)

  8. So pretty! Digital Faerie is an awesome color!

  9. Ooo! This look is great! You always take such amazing pictures! What camera do you use?

    I've never tried any Fyrinnae shadows. Could you reccommend a few for me to try?

    Also I have nominated you blog for the Stylish Blogger Award!

    :) xx

  10. I got Digital Faerie for Christmas and now want to try this look! Pretty!

  11. Amazing!! And I also nominated for the Stylish Blogger Award. Please check out my blog for directions on accepting it! Thanks doll :)

  12. NICE blending and chosen colors! :)

  13. Haha THE CLAW! love it.
    Stunning makeup look - as always. What is it with your ability to pull ANY look off !! xx

  14. VERY Pretty look!!! Well blended. I love it.


  15. My goodness Lily, your skills have just gotten even better since I knew you from over at VF. Been following you for a while on this but just realised that you can leave comments haha.
    I adore digital faerie and since last summer when I first saw you with some fyrinnae I went a bit mad and bought millions of them biker chic is one of my favs.
    So thank you for introducing me to this gorge brand :)
    xx Lori xx

    p.s. also went into superdrug and got some of those MUA liners I never thought to try them before but when I saw the gold one in ur pics I just had to have it and its immense :)

  16. Having just discovered that I have 65 Fyrinnae shadows I really should do some more FOTDs with them :D My favourites without a doubt are Aztez Gold, We're All Mad Here and Mystic (Arcane Magic). I use them all the time. Recently acquired Dinosaur Plushie and Immortality and I have literally no idea how I ever existed without them!


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