Double Dares with BBH - Liloo (AKA Tsunimee) @ Le Petit Jardin de Liloo

Joining me on my 'Double Dares' series this week is the stunning Liloo :) She keeps me amused on Twitter and amazed with her bright, crazy, fun looks on her blog and Youtube. I think we share the idea that before anything else - make-up should be for fun! So it made perfect sense that I ask her to be my second challenger!

Liloo suggested we both find a MAC promo picture we like and try to recreate it as best we can. Ace! MAC promo pictures are always gorgeous, so I couldn't wait to get stuck right in...

[[ MAC 'Cult  of Cherry' promo image ]]
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I recreated the make-up in the 'Cult of Cherry' promo image as closely as I could using entirely no MAC items - which was darn easy! Every colour in the image is easily dupe-able. Unfortunately though, I think you'd only carry it off if you have model features. Me? I looked like Frankenfurter on a bad day.

[[ I'm just a sweet transvestite....from traaaansexual.... Transylvaniaaaa! ]]

The only way to save this was to play with my camera....Y'know, to wash out, blur and de-saturate as much as possible?

[[ Nope...There was no saving this one! ]]

[[ I like this effect on eye makeup though...]]

To check out what look Liloo has recreated, stop by at her blog! I'm sure she'll blow you away :)

Thanks for challenging me, Liloo, it was a lot of fun and I rediscovered my love for lining my lips in black (how very goth.) Everyone, remember to check your email on Friday, I could be asking you next!


  1. What a fun idea! No cherry earrings? ;) I love the lips. This is such a hard look to carry off, the above the crease is so heavy! I think you did a fabulous recreation :)

    This comment seems so jumbled! Sorry, it's past my bed time.

  2. Not frankfurter in sight. This is flawless, love it. please please please do a picture tutorial on how you did the lips: they have so much depth and definition. I didn't like mine but it made me want to have a go at recreating others: this was so much fun. Thank you xx

  3. Nice job! I like Liloos version too. *sits and googles old MAC campaigns*

  4. You do remind me of Frankenfurter :) Looks like it was fun, though!

  5. This is so awesome! Love Liloo's as well.

  6. I love this and the idea behind it. Almost makes me want to give it a go myself.

  7. Oh seriously, You do not look like Frankfurter. I think you look gorgeous! I love this idea that you've made and loved seeing Liloo's look as well!

    Um, where you do you get your plugs? Those are freakin awesome!!! And I need them!


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