'They Don't Make what I Want!'

After reading that Dita von Teese was planning to create her own makeup line because she 'feels that something is missing in the [makeup] world' and that it is hard to find a matte red or matte fuchsia lipstick these days, I couldn't help but roll my eyes and tut dramatically. Isn't that what everyone says when they start their own makeup line? That 'something is missing' or they can't find what they want? Yes. Yes it is.

[[ Dita von Teese wants to release her own makeup line. ]]

Don't get me wrong - I understand a lot of it. Before Illamasqua there was no 'set' line of high end products specifically aimed at those who want theatrical, bold, extravagant  makeup.  I also understand that different people have different needs and that before a lot of indie/ mineral companies many women could not stand to wear run-of-the-mill makeup because it aggravated their skin. I could even understand somebody buying cosmetic ingredients to make a couple of shades they can't find on the highstreet. I could understand somebody deciding that the quality of makeup available is awful and they want to make a truly luxe line. If somebody wants to come along and make a top class range of products - then power to them! I applaud them, I really do, so long as their reasonings at least make some logical sense.

[[ 'DAMN IT! My fave nude lippy ran out. Oh wait, there's thousands more to choose from!' ]]

What I don't understand is when people make an ENTIRE line just because they 'can't find' ( AKA, haven't looked hard enough) for one, lonely, solitary little product. One lady on Twitter said that she has three concealers she likes, and one has been discontinued. What will she do when that one runs out? I told her that although discontinued items are a pain, there are always similar items or suitable replacements, to which I received a rather defensive 'I'll have to disagree and having been in the beauty business for over 10 years I kind of know what I'm talking about.' Ok, you disagree, no problem, love! I'm sure however, that once her now discontinued concealer runs out she wont go make a new line for it. Chances are, she'll check out a few others and find something she likes just as much - if not better.

[[ NARS matte lipsticks ]]

Why can't celebs just cut to the chase and say that they want  to make their own makeup range for fun? Or, more honestly, to make money? Bad for marketing I suppose, but I've never been one for bullshit. I'm pretty sure that Dita can afford to buy matte lipsticks from MAC, NARS, Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Makeup Forever...or you know, she could just get some Barry M and be done with it.

So what do you think about new makeup lines? Are there any more gaps in the market? Is there really a magical mystery product that we're lacking? What do you think of Dita's reasons?


  1. I agree with you - its either for fun because you can or because you want to make money! This is a great post!

  2. LOL..loved this post!
    Especially when you pointed out that people don't look hard enough. So true.
    It's funny how after every launch all the (cheaper?) dupes start to appear.

    I think needs or trends recycle themselves. I think say Illamasqua is very 80s make up but with better formulas or a bigger range?

  3. yeh i do not get why celebs try to paint a picture that before their makeup line had been released the cosmetic companies didnt offer what the celebs makeup line has ... firstly its immature and often it does not exist, for instance dita von tease never looked rough before, she surely wore makeup, it was not her own line ... how did she manage?! ... like you said cut to the chase and be honest your making a makeup line because; its your dream or your ambition, you think its fun, or more often than not its because you think its lucrative ...

    I don't get the lack of honesty and another thing which annoys me is celebrity endorsed perfumes, it seems like every celebrity whether it be Alist or Zlist celebrity status, its all getting a bit much now.

  4. Good post, i agree with everything you said here.
    Dita obviously isn't looking hard enough! (^_^) and i think once upon a time she could have had a good niche for her make up line but she has most definately been pipped to the post by illamasqua.

    Personally there's so many make up brands about i don't think we need celebrity endorsed ones. I look for brands that offer something different. Not the name behind it. Although having said that i do like the Dainty Doll range from Nicola from Girls aloud. And she has a good niche. :)

  5. I love The Teese, but really? She's been doing this shit for about 20 years and she's only just decided that, you know what, she actually looks like shit? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea -__-

  6. I agree - just admit you're doing it for the money! We wouldn't think any less of them for telling it like it really is!

  7. Lol totally doing it for the money! Although some of us would probably fall for her probably overpriced makeup (umm me!!), i sincerely doubt it would be anything different from whats already available in the market. Good post!

  8. This post totally made me laugh. I love your brutal honesty! Keep it up :)

    Money and fun sound like good enough reasons to me. LOL

  9. That is a good point.. I never listen to celebs reasoning for making a make up range as I never intend to buy it anyway he-he!

    But yeah, *I really wanted a matte red lippy* so I made a whole makeup range- doesn't really cut it, does it..?!

  10. Dita von Teese should have been put a makeup line out. To say something is missing from the makeup world is BS. She should have just said I'm Dita von Teese and it's about time i had a makeup line. That would have been good enough for me. Who wouldn't want to buy her products to at least try it out?

  11. o_O It's for the money. Clearly. And to show off how ~creative they are. I certainly don't think there's anything wrong in doing it - who wouldn't want their own makeup line? Yes please, I'll take 2. But I could easily walk into a department store, browse through the cosmetics section, and find matte red or fuchsia lipsticks. There is certainly no lack of them.

  12. Yeah, matte red lipsticks are just soo rare these days! *snort* If somebody just said they like makeup and they like money, I'd appreciate it.

  13. Great post! Well-said! Agree with you 100%

  14. She seems to have been fine with MAC Ruby Woo and Russian Red all these years :| I wish she would have just said she wants a makeup line because it would be jolly good and all that shit

  15. LOVED this post. I love a bit of Dita but lets be fair, these days there is nothing missig in the beauty world, we have so much choice. To me she always looks so flawless make up wise so I don't know where she got all that from.

  16. I completely agree with you. I do love me some Kat Von D makeup, but at least she actually did have something nobody else had to start with - tattoo concealer that more or less works. And I do like her lipstick range, which is all more or less variations on a dramatic red lip.

    And one "niche market" I can never fill is for oddly colored lipstick! MAC tries to help a little, with colors like Morange and Cyber, but some days I just wake up and want a good royal blue or turpentine green lipstick for the day! Urban Decay used to have a big line of colors... about ten years ago. So I could either try my luck buying those secondhand, hoping they're not dried out, or stick with indie companies which I really don't trust due to a few bad reactions a while ago.

  17. Ugh, celebrity posturing. They always have to make out that they're doing something SPECIAL and UNIQUE.

  18. Well.. that's everyone's own business. If they want to do a make up line, just do it .. I'm not too interested in celebrities make up lines though .. x

  19. @ liquoredonlacquer, thanks, so true!

    @ Mercedes, I agree about Illamasqua. I think they're like a mix of 80s fashion, with a huge chunk of theare and an equal mix of editorial. Sooo true about cheap dupes coming out once pricier ones have proved popular!

    @ MissJodieElizabeth, argh! So true about perfumes! People go for them too :/ Though I admit, the first Christina perfume was amazing ahaha.

    @ Shell Senseless Style...hmmm, I think Dita would go for vintage looking stuff whereas Illamasqua's is all quite modern. The products themselves would probably be along the same lines but I doubt they'd be of the same quality.

    @ Robyn ahaha, god I know. It's not as if she isn't still getting work either so it's not even an act of desperation.

    @ missy_ellie_uk, I'd be more likely to buy a celeb endorsed makeup line if they said 'I haven't even had a say in any of it, but hey - it's making me cash so I don't care!'

    @ Aoife, agreed! I wouldn't buy it unless it had something unique in it.

    @ Susan haha, thanks! Money is a good reason IF you're having fun too! Like I'd be excited if Darling Girl went global and made you millions (lets hope, eh? haha) because you love it :)

    @ Cheeky Beauty, same really, if anything celeb names instantly put me off! Though I DO want the Fearne Cotton double brush set...and I can't stand Fearne Cotton haha. Not being able to find a matte lippy is the lamest reason ever.

    @ Michelle, same! If she'd just said she's made a career from being beautiful and using makeup and felt like a makeup line would complete it I'd be totally fine with that.

    @ Shanna, aye, a makeup line for fun and if you're going to be involved - go for it! Just cut out the BS reasonings behind it - everyone can see through them.

    @ Heather, haha, same. If Dita said 'I'm creating a makeup line to make me a bit richer.' I'd say 'Power to her!' and be more likely to buy her products.

    @ Flora.D, thank you!

    @ Silhouette Screams, I know! She's been a Viva Glam spokes person before too! I wonder what MAC think of it after her years of MAC loving...

    @ Beautyfiend, really it's not like she needs to worry about how her makeup looks anyway. She'll be photoshopped to death (everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is) and could go to a shoot looking haggard with final pics of her as her usual glam self.

    @ Arlee, Kat Von D is known for her makeup style/ look anyway, so I could understand that. She's also a 'creative' so a makeup line seems to fit. If you're after weirdly coloured lippies, try Morgana Minerals and Sobe Botanicals :)

    @ Dee haha, very true!

    @ Jonna, same, though I do think they should be honest with their reasonings behind it.

  20. I find it funny how they come out with these rubbish excuses for making their own makeup lines when in the end, all they produce are crappy copies of things that are already out there..

    I think that in this day and age it is nigh on impossible to not find something that doesn't suit you. I remember about 10 years ago it was difficult to find a foundation to match my skintone but now you can get them. I've never seen a celeb come out with a product that is totally unique..I know Kat Von D had that concealer for her tats but that has been done before too!

  21. lol, just read this and i had to laugh, im wearing Illamasqua Box right now and its a wonderful mattish (pure matts are just toooo drying) that even makes the teeth look whiter.

    Why on earth didnt Dita use the marketing speel of wanting to creat a makeup range that harks back to the drama and elegance of old school glamour....something that her image is all about- appeal to her sense of style rather than make some lame excuse about not finding that right matt red, when recently i heard her claim her love for a MAC matt red that she always wears!
    I just hope her range will be cruelty free...one can hope.


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