REVIEW - Naked Rescue Intensive Care Shampoo/ Conditioner

I've always had of my frizzy, dry as a bone, unruly, split end ridden, damaged to glory hair. Even when I was a little kid and had yet to discover bleach, hair dye and the wonder of straighteners. Over time, its condition went downhill rapidly - half the reason I shaved 2/3 of it off was so that I'd have less to cope with! Now that you know how truly stunning my hair has been, I'll tell you about my scalp. There were times that it was so dry and itchy, I'd compulsively scratch until it bled - and even then I'd still have to use all of my energy not to scratch it some more. Sometimes it would be so itchy or sore that it actually kept me awake at night. Admit it, you're so hot for me right now...*cough* I decided it was time to rid of SLS ridden products and see if that had any effect.

Lipglossiping brought Naked came to my attention, most of their products are 97% natural and what's best - all of their hair products are SLS free! Excellent. I tapped their name into Google, found their site and investigated their products before finally settling on the Intensive Rescue shampoo and conditioner. One day later and they had found a home on my bathroom shelf.

Lets start with the packaging. The shampoo is in a squeezy bottle with a pop up lid, the shampoo in a squeeze tube - both great for me since this means that if I knock either, nothing will spill out down the drain. I like the simple design and how all of the information is straight forward - Naked aren't trying to baffle you with science, just tell you what's in your products and the effects that they have. So far, so good.

Both the Intensive Care shampoo and conditioner spread though my hair easily and rinse away leaving no residue or build up. Used together, the result is (literally) squeaky clean, incredibly soft, smooth and strong hair. I'd also say that my hair is about 80% less frizzy at an educated guess. I've also noticed that I can leave it a few days longer before the need to run 190 degree straighteners through it again - winner! Not only has the state of my hair improved, but I can't even remember the last time my scalp was unbearably itchy - it's still quite dry, but not sore, so I'm not too bothered.

 [[ Still need a fair chunk cut off tbh. ]]

Overall, going SLS free and using Naked Intensive Rescue shampoo and conditioner has been the best choice I've made for my hair and scalp since, well...ever. I'd never have believed the effects it could have, but I'm so impressed! I still can't believe the hair I've hated my entire life could be (dare I say it) quite nice. I really can't recommend these products highly enough! I'm already racking up a wishlist of other Naked products I fancy...

£3.99 from Boots or online.


  1. I haven't tried their shampoo but I really like Naked products. They work and they're affordable. I'd reccommend the coco de mer body butter x

  2. ooh i will defiantly keep my eyes out for Naked products next time im in boots as i wasnt so impressed with the last kind of tigi shampoo & conditioner i got and u cant really go wrong with that price!!

  3. I love the Naked range. Currently using the rescue as well. My hair feels so much better.


  4. 'Admit it youre so hot for me right now', LOL!! My hair is frizzy as shit right now too, next time i visit boots ill definately keep an eye out for these! They sound too good to be true!

  5. I had never heard of these before, but they sound great! I have naturally curly hair, and going SLS free made me love my hair. :)

  6. Ah, the joys of finding a GOOD shampoo and conditioner! Your hair looks so happy and shiny. :)

  7. I'm going to have to pick this up and try it on my boyfriends hair! Hopefully this will work.

  8. I need some new shampoo & conditioner, think I'll give this one a go. My brother actually recommended I should go out and buy some Naked s&c. Can you believe that, my brother? Haha. xx

  9. @ Une Tasse, it's on my wish list. Love anything coconut.

    @ xSafarE, definitely, they have loads of different hair stuff for different types of hair.

    @ Lyndsey, 'tis a saviour, aint it? :)

    @ Aoife, I always paint myself in a beautiful light - right? :P Definitely check them out, soo worth it!

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, I've got curly hair too. Would never go back to using hair products with SLS now!

    @ Danielle, so true! Haha, it's hardly happy but it is shiner :) Still needs a bit hacked off.

    @ Artsavesyou, haha, I hope he lets you try it on him!

    @ DesignerSpray, lol, that's so awesome you have a brother who knows about hair care!


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