REVIEW - Collection 2000 Hotlights Lip Gloss

Collection 2000 are one of the token British 'bargain beauty' brands who have worked their way into practically every woman's makeup bag at some point or other. When I saw their 'Hotlights' glosses, I have to admit. I was put off by the built in mirror and lights - I've seen this done to death and it always looks amazingly naff.

[[ See that bit down the side? That's an stunningly pointless mirror. ]]

[[ Aaand that bit? A ridiculously pointless light. ]]

I can see why most people would think the light and mirror pretty useful, but think about it - you do know where your lips are by now, don't you? Even in the dark, do you really need a light and mirror to apply gloss? No. No you don't.

[[ Simple doe foot applicator - winner. ]]

[[ Collection 2000 Hotlights Gloss in 'Star' ]]

Under all of that generally useless novelty packaging is a rather lovely product. Scent free, non-sticky, as long lasting as you can expect from a gloss and in a range of six wearable colours. From what I've seen, all six are shot through with a little shimmer. The gloss I have, 'Star', is a baby pink with golden shimmer which gives a hint of colour with subtle golden gleam. Enough to wear alone of over a nude lip colour. A great, basic gloss which I'd definitely buy again :)

£4.99 for 6ml of product from Boots, Superdrug or various supermarkets.


  1. hey, I've not actually tried much collection 2000 - but this does look a pretty colour - and if it's non sticky I could be tempted.

    as for the mirror and light, hmmm - maybe in a vain attempt to check my hair out in the club!?lol!


  2. I've seen the light/mirror gloss but not for as cheap I don't think! :) Might have to give this one a shot!

  3. This colour is so pretty and i completely agree about the mirror.I do like the lights though :)

  4. Great review :) I never tried this before but the color looks really pretty XOXO

  5. I have a couple of these mirror glosses... not Collection 2000 ones, but they're so annoying! Mmm, a lovely flattering blue light! :| I did see these and think they looked nice... might have to check them out, see if it puts me off the Gosh ones with a light on which are ahhhhmazing but I can't afford them right now :(

  6. I hate novelty packaging like that. What is the point in the light? Really? But the gloss does look nice!

  7. Omg the gold shimmer is beautiful *___* and I actually like the lipglosses with lights, I use them to find shit under my bed XD

  8. Lovely shade, looks like it's packed full of glitter too. Shame my boyfriend hates lipgloss or I would wear it more haha!!

    Love J.

  9. I so agree about the mirror and light. Lipstick needs a bit more precision, but I can apply gloss no worries in the darkest of places.
    It's one of the first brands I ever used, I'm thinking that I should go back and investigate what products it's got now. :)

    Florrie x

  10. That color is so pretty. I love your blog and how honest you are!


  11. @ Girlinthecity, Collection 2000 are a pretty good range. I can't think of anything I've tried from them that has disappointed me! Hmm, a possible use for the generally pointless mirror!

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, it is :)

    @ MakeYuUp, never cheap? I've never seen a pricey product with it :S

    @ BeautybyPaula, they have some other lovely colours in the range too. I guess the light would be useful for finding stuff in your bag of nights out...

    @ Venus in Virgo, thanks, it is a lovely colour indeed.

    @ I've got a Taxi light up gloss too...I tend to avoid them tbh! They're worth checking out, generally a gloss in just a gloss so cheap ones are generally as good as pricier ones - especially if they're sheer!

    @ The Peach, ditto! I have no idea what was going through their heads tbh! It is a nice colour though :)

    @ Silhouette Screams, pretty innit? Haha, I guess it can be useful, then!

    @ Bon Vivant Clique, haha, my bf hates it too - I still wear it though :P

    @ Florrie, very true! I'd still think a lippy with mirror/ lights was super naff though...Collection 2000 have some lovely things. Their Matt + Minerals foundation is my HG foundation and only costs £2.99! Freakin' mental.

    @ Jackie S. so true, love pink/ golds!

    @ Marcy, thank you!


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