REVIEW - Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub

Fair Trade is an organisation which works with producers in underdeveloped countries to help their business grow, so that they have the opportunity to escape poverty and provide a future for their community. So when I found out that Boots had teamed up with Fair Trade to create their 'Extracts' range, I couldn't wait to find out more!

[[ Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub ]]

So far, the Boots Extracts range contains 32 products, each containing at least one organic, sustainable Fair Trade product. One of which is their Mango Sugar Scrub, which contains Fair Trade shea butter produced by communities in West Africa. While we're talking ingredients, it's well worth mentioning that, strangely, it contains barely any mango extract compared to the amount of other ingredients. Oh, it's second main ingredient is mineral oil, too, which a lot of people aren't big fans of.

Boots Extracts Mango Sugar Scrub smells nothing like mango - which is a HUGE plus for me since I find the smell of mango to be revolting. Fortunately, this sugar scrub actually smells like a mixture of orange zest and sherbet lemons - mainly down to the amount of fragrance it contains (more fragrance than mango extract, may I add). It's a lovely, sweet, crisp, refreshing smell which despite the gloomy weather outside has made me feel all Summery!

[[ Gorgeous smell! Gorgeous colour! ]]

The sugar is quite fine, but coarse enough to have a light exfoliating effect. While it hasn't scrubbed off the remainder of my fake tan (classy lady), it has made my skin feel nice and smooth. I'd happily use this as an everyday scrub since it isn't so harsh to cause any sensitivity or damage. If, like me, you're a lover of hardcore scrubs, this might not be for you - I'll still be using a harder scrub once a week and exfoliating mitts!

Once you wash it away, there is an oily residue left on your skin for about 30 minutes before it disappears. It isn't uncomfortable or overly obvious but it does mean a little more effort is required in moisturising afterwards. I'm now left with smooth skin which smells good enough to eat!

Available from Boots at £7.75 for 400ml, which will last you quite some time! Other products in the Extracts range include body butters, lip scrubs, moisturisers, bath creams and body washes.


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