REVIEW - Barry M 'Vintage Rose' Lip Paint

'Vintage Rose' was released a few months back along with three other shades ('Pink Ribbon', 'Sunset' and 'Pink Suede') right in time for Autumn/ Winter. When I saw all four of them together I was sort of surprised - I'm used to Barry M releasing playful, bright, fun shades, not 'grown up' colours! I'm sure the colours would fit right in among a NARS, Bobbi Brown or Estee Lauder counter. I whittled my choice down to 'Vintage Rose' and it wasn't long before it was at home in my lipstick drawer.

[[ Barry M Lip Paint in 152 'Vintage Rose' ]]

'Vintage Rose' is a cool, slightly brown toned pink which leans purple. A wearable, neutral shade with a bit of a punch. I'd say this would definitely suit cool tones best, though I can get away with it with warm toned skin. I've been opting for this colour instead of my usual MAC 'Honeylove' lately, just because it's a far more Wintery! I'm pretty sure it would make for a lovely cream blush, too :)

[[ MAC 'Hot Gossip' (top) vs. Barry M 'Vintage Rose' (bottom) ]]

Anyone who has ever bought a few Barry M lipsticks knows that they're a bit hit and miss - either dry and clumpy or creamy and smooth, I'm glad to report that 'Vintage Rose' is the latter of the two. Average longevity for any cream/ satin lipstick, though I couldn't fairly judge since my lips are practically perma-attached to a tea cup!

Priced at £4.49, available from Superdrug, Boots and Barry M's website.


  1. Oooh I've completely missed this every time I've been past Barry M but it's now my mission to find it! xoxo

  2. gorgeous! from the pictures it looks a bit similar to rimmel's airy fairy! wish we had barry m in the us x

  3. I got this along with Sunset the other week and somehow haven't worn it yet. Will work on that! Sunset is ace so I'm expecting to like this a lot too.

  4. Oooh I love the colour. I think i'll need to add this to my collection!

  5. So pretty :) Too bad Barry M isn't sold in Finland :/

  6. That is sooo pretty, so is Hot Gossip, but I am a lippie whore. LOL

  7. This is such a nice colour. I've never paid much attention to their lipsticks before because as you say, they're usually very bright.

  8. Whutwhut, I missed this totally!

  9. @ Vicky, it's definitely worth a look :)

    @ Plaisir De Fleurs, never seen the Rimmel one but the Barry M version is pretty anyhoo. I think Barry M ship to the US, or I do CPs sometimes :)

    @ Konni, Sunset does look beautiful, I think they really hit the nail on the head with these colours!

    @ LauraMorgan, you wont regret it! It's lovely :)

    @ Melly, I think Barry M ship worldwide. Otherwise I take CPs :)

    @ Darling Girl, ahaha, same! Hot Gossip is nowhere near as pigmented...hardly ever worn it for that reason!

    @ Tass, I think their brights are lovely too though. Definitely the right time for them to edge into more wearable shades, though.

    @ Robyn, you better go back and find it, then! :P

  10. Ahhh this is gorgeous :3 I need more natural-ish pink/berry tones in my life <3


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