REVIEW - Accessorize 'Bermuda' Baked Bronzer

I'll admit, when I first saw the range of Accessorize bronzers I was a bit disappointed. There are a total of four, three of which swatched so pale they qualified more as highlighters! I decided to pick up the darkest, 'Bermuda', because I've been on a bronzer kick lately and I was a wee bit curious.

[[ Accessorize 'Bermuda' bronzer ]]

[[ Pretty butterflies! ]]

The sturdy, plastic packaging holds a whopping 12.5 grams of product - so if even if you're a bronzer addict you wont run short quickly! I like that there is a 'window' so that you can see the colour easily if you're rummaging through your makeup drawer. The butterflies are cute and somehow manage not to look entirely naff - maybe they're saved by the frosted grey-gold border?

[[ Look at the veining! ]]

[[ Bronzey brown ]]

As you can see, in the pan 'Bermuda' is a gorgeous, rich bronze-brown with salmon pink veining. It swatches as a medium, warm brown with pink undertones and a faint, fine coppery shimmer. Very pigmented, buildable and easy to blend; the shimmer buffs away leaving a faint gleam which creates a highlight effect if you bring it up VERY lightly to the cheekbone. I think this colour would be ideal for anyone in the medium/ warm skintone range - dark at a push.

[[ All the shimmer is down to a Sleek 'Glo' palette ]]

As you can see, it creates a nice contoured effect...unfortunately flash killed it a bit (hence my white face and tan body - thank Revlon Photoready!) so it doesn't look quite as intense as it really is.

At £7 for 12.5g of product from Superdrug - 'Bermuda' is definitely being filed under my 'Bargain' tag!


  1. I think that might be a tad too dark for me but I'm so impressed with their whateveritscalled Moon river dupe I might have to go and check out the bronzers too.

  2. this looks amazing.. i wish we had accessorize in the u.s.! x

  3. This looks like an awesome bronzer! Thanks for the swatches and review!

  4. Cute indeed...Can you do a post of your opinions on Revlon photoready too? I have not tried it yet... When I tried it on counter last time, I saw some shimmer particles on my skin and I was not sure to buy or not. Do you think is it good for photography?

  5. I desperately neeed some of these blush/bronxers. The baked eyeshadows are amazing.

  6. These baked bronzers look quality and are such a good price. Don't think much of the cheapy packaging tho x

  7. I love the accessorize products so much! Same as the comment above im not keen on the packagng all that much, I hate anything with a butterfly on it.

    You follow my other blog (simplyprettythings), just to say I have started a new one now :) the links on my profile.


  8. @ Robyn, you'll definitely find one light enough for you. I wish they had a peachy blush because they're all too pink/ cool for me!

    @ Plaisir De Fleurs, you might be able to order them offline or I'm always happy to do CPs.

    @ The Peach, it is!

    @ Flora. D, I can't really do a full post since I haven't got enough left to do a full face pic with it but I'll tell you what I think here! It feels a bit odd, but smooth and blends quite easily. It's less mask like than Colour Stay but you can still feel it on your skin, however - it does give good coverage! I'm not a fan of the sparkles, especially since they're silver which IMO looks odd on warm skin. As for photography, it does bounce back light which isn't brilliant if you're using flash. Colour Stay would be a better choice for photographic makeup!

    @ Emily, oooh, I want to try the baked shadows! Defo check out the bronzers.

    @ Une Tasse, they are a nice quality and great price. I'm not decided on the packaging yet...

    @ Georgia, they have made some lovely things!


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