FOTD - Platinum Violets

I fancied doing my make-up today as a break from college work :) As is often the case in Bad Habit Land, purple was the order of the day...

EYES - UDPP, Hi-Fi base, MAC 'Platinum', MAC 'Violet', MUA 'Shade 12', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', mascara, purple gems.

FACE - GOSH primer, Kryolan Ultra Foundation, Revlon Photoready Foundation, Rimmel stay matte powder, Ben Nye pink blush, The Balm 'Hot Mama'.

LIPS - Stargazer 128, GOSH 'Darling', Soap & Glory 'Cotton Candy' gloss.

I forgot how awesome MAC 'Violet' and 'Platinum' can be, I wish I could have photographed them properly for you, but all the close ups came out looking really flat :/ I'm surprised at how much I like this lip combo, too, it's a really strange almost neon pastel pink....very strange, but very pretty.

Have you rediscovered any of your old makeup lately?


  1. Very pretty, purple suits you :) x

  2. I love the little gems and the lip combo... I need to find something to mix Darling with, its very 'jizz lip' on me.

  3. You know I love this.
    Purple is my excuse for any break.

  4. this is such a gorgeous look :)

  5. One word : Gorgeous.
    ps. i <3 your eyebrows. wish mine would look as tidy. whenever i use eyebrow pencil.. disaster haha :P

  6. Gorgeous as usual!

  7. Purple is totally one of my favourite colours! Love this :)

    Kaushal xx

  8. Can't really see the gems - wish you had a close up. Purple is such a universal colour!

  9. Love this! Beautiful smokey look! Love the nude lips!

  10. Gorgeous look! love purples :)

  11. Seriously love purple on you, i think its 'your colour'! That lip colour is divine!!

  12. Really pretty! I love purple, it's my favorite color!

    I got my package today!!!!!! I couldn't figure out where I ordered anything from outside the US, until I opened it and realized what it was!

    Thanks for doing the giveaway, I love everything! I also said a little blurb on my blog! Thanks!!!

  13. @ makeup Barbie, thank you :)

    @ Robyn, thanks, I use 'Darling' to pale out pinks quite often.

    @ Mercedes, haha, mine too :)

    @ MissJodieElizabeth, thanks!

    @ Melly, thank you! I use an angle brush and eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows, or a gel eyeliner. I think pencil looks far too harsh usually.

    @ Skin Scrubs, thank you!

    @ Kaushal, same, thank you!

    @ Saimese, agreed on both accounts! I love purple on everyone, there's a shade for every skin tone. Wish I had a decent close up pic, but they all came out a bit 'blah'.

    @ The Peach, thank you!

    @ Madiha, thanks!

    @ Aoife, aw, thank you :) Love purple so much!

    @ Cydonian, thanks chuck :)

    @ Kimberley, thanks! I'm so glad you received your parcel all in one piece :D

  14. This is such a beautiful eye look. I love purples! I need to have a route around in my collection. I went through my handbag this evening and discovered a stash of neglected lip products in there. Ooops...
    Jane x


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