Collaboration Post - Red Lipstick Swatches

Everyone loves a red lipstick, right? Damn right! You must know I'm a bit obsessed with it of you've been reading my blog for a while. After a chit chat on ye olde Twitter, it was decided that Wendy would swatch all of her (many) purple shades, Robyn her oranges (since she owned most) and me all of my beloved reds. So then, lets get to it...

[[ Lots of red lippies! ]]

[[ Lancome 'Frambrosia', Clinique 'Wild Berry', Clinique 'Vintage Red', MAC 'Toxic Tale', MAC 'Port Red' ]]

Lancome 'Frambrosia' - A sheer red with pink sparkles.

Clinique 'Wild Berry' - A cool toned, slightly purple deep red.

Clinique 'Vintage Red' - A true Marilyn Monroe-esque red with a tinge of blue.

MAC 'Toxic Tale' (LE) - I wasn't sure if I should include this since it's more an orange-pink-red hybrid. Next to the others it looks almost bubble gum pink!

MAC 'Port Red' (LE)  - Port Red is a blue toned, frosty red, the most festive red in my collection! This was limited edition with MAC 'Naughty Nauticals' and flew off the shelves. MAC HQ actually tracked this down for me since it was sold out in stores - this was the last in their office!

[[ Maybelline 'Glamour Red' lip liner, ELF 'Voodoo', Rimmel 'Diva Red', MUA shade 13, 17 'Hot Chilli' ]]

Maybelline 'Glamour Red' - An all rounder suited to all types of red. Lasts well on the lips.

ELF 'Voodoo' - Swatches as a mauve, but on the lips it's more of a cool, brown toned red. 

Rimmel 'Diva Red' - My favourite! Bright as bright, glides on no problem. A true primary red.

MUA 'Shade 13' - The pinkest red in my collection, I hardly ever wear it since it doesn't suit warm, yellow skintones very much. At £1, you can't grumble, though!

17 'Hot Chilli' - A very orange toned, bright red, I love wearing this in Spring. Lasts ages and it so comfortable to wear.

[[ Kryolan - LC010, LC009, LC008, LC007, LC005 ]]

LC010 - Cool toned berry red.

LC009 - Cool toned deep red.

LC008 - Cool toned orange-red.

LC007 and LC005 are both orange, but I thought I'd include them anyway since they both look like neon reds in the pan.

I've posted a red lipstick 101 previously, so if you have any red lippy trouble please take a look - hopefully it will help! If anyone has any questions then please feel free to ask :) Oh, and it anyone has recommendations for any obnoxiously bright or deep vampy reds, please do tell!


  1. Yay! My favourites are Hot Chilli, LC008, LC010 and Port Red looks great too! I'd quite like to get my mitts on some Kryolan lip products. They don't do a palette, do they?

  2. I am so scared of red lips and I have no idea why! I really wish that I could wear them, ive started going into deeper pinks in my bid to try and get there... Maybe you could suggest a good red to start off with a one that suits everyone sort of one? Charli xx

  3. Gorgeous colours - it's amazing to see how different the reds all are when you compare them. I love 17's Hot Chilli too - it's far more wearable than it looks in the tube. x

  4. i love red lips it always looks amazing, i however am yet to find a red lipstick thats looks good on me...the closest i have got is Mac's Lady Danger.x

  5. Wow! So many great reds! I really like the two Clinique colors: Wild Berry and Vintage Red! Is it sad that I probably only have two red lippies in my collection? :)

  6. Ohhh I really like the Vintage Red from Clinique. Is it sad that I worked there and didn't notice that one? Weird... The kryolans are lovely too. I need a good vampy red.

  7. I love this! Color themed posts are so fun. I've been thinking the past few days about swatching all my pinks- which is a whole lot- but haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I finally will today!

  8. Mm i remember your post on Hot Chilli, id definately like to add that to my collection! Atm i really want Lady Danger, i have plenty of reds but that one just seems so bright and schmexy I NEED IT! My favourite red in my collection is Ruby Woo, the matte formula does get on my wick a bit, esp. if wearing it all day, but the matteness is also what makes it different and special i think :)

  9. Toxic Tale and LC010 look so pretty! I always think I look like a hooker when I wear red, I just need to get over it!

    Love this post!

  10. Love the reds :D

    Vampy or bright reds, let's see ... Revlon Black Cherry = love, NYX Snow White, NYX Hero, NYX Hebe, MAC Russian Red ... wow, I have a lot of reds too I guess!

  11. So many gorgeous reds! My favourite red is Lipstick Queen Medieval, but that's a bit of a cop-out as it's very sheer. I love No 7 Cherry and Revlon Cherries in the Snow too as more vampy bright reds, I just don't have the balls to wear them very often! x

  12. @ Robyn, Hot Chilli is one of my faves :) Kryolan do a few lip palettes with about 12 colours in each one.

    @ Charli, everyone suits a true primary red. Something which isn't too pink, too blue or too orange. To start off, a red gloss might be best!

    @ LilyLipstick, so true! As I was swatching I realised some don't even look red in comparison to the others. Hot Chilli is a stunning colour.

    @ Steph, just ask a counter to try a few on you. Generally everyone suits a true primary red, from what I can recall Lady Danger has a strong pink tone to it.

    @ Wendy, I'm not sure if Vintage Red is mega old or was LE. I think it was part of the 'Colour Surge' range. Kryolan lippies are nice, but definitely swatch them before you buy - they often look COMPLETELY different in the tube to when they're worn.

    @ Dainty Darling Digits, do iiit! I love wearing pink lippy but "only" have about three haha :)

    @ Aoife, Hot Chilli is definitely worth adding to your collection. Strangely, I've never paid much attention to MAC reds...I think it's because I love their nude shades and my eyes bee-line towards them!

    @ Kimberly, LC010 is such a beautiful, deep, vampy red when worn. Looove it! Yeah, I think everyone is a bit self concious in red at first, but after a while you just feel awesome wearing it!

    @ missy_ellie_uk, it aint a cop out if you like sheer reds! I've never tried Lipstick Queen lippies but I've heard good things...Must check out Revlon 'Cherries in the Snow' because it gets brought up quite often :)

  13. i LOVE red lipstick's, my 2 fav's are Mac Heartless from the VV collection & Benefit's Flirt Alert!

  14. Oooh Kryolan! I don't see their lipsticks get much love in the blogosphere :O

  15. absolutely love the look of Clinique 'vintage red'!
    Great collection, you are obviously a massive fan of red lippies like me!


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