Top 5 Drugstore Make-up Products

Being the poor, jobless student that I am, when I need some make-up stuff I scour the shelves of Boots and Superdrug for exactly what I need - or want. Some products never get used again (hello Natural Collection tinted moisturiser) and some get bought time after time. Let me introduce you to the items you'll always find in my make-up box -

[[ My top 5 ]]

1) Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder, £3.99. A decent pressed powder which keeps my oily skin somewhere between matte and dewy all day. Buffs into the skin easily for a natural finish. It's usually about six months before I need to buy a new one. Available from Boots or Superdrug.

2) Prestige liquid eyeliner, £5.49. I've been buying this since I was about 15, I remember learning to apply eyeliner with it, sat with a shaky hand on my bed wobbling over everywhere. It didn't take me too long to learn how to get a nice sleek line with Prestige liquid eyeliners, the felt tip style applicator makes it so easy. Bold, solid colour in one stroke - fantastic! I currently have THREE in my eyeliner draw :S Oops...Available from Boots.

[[ Sleek 'Bad Girl', 'Storm' and 'Original' palettes ]]

3) Sleek i-divine palettes, £5.99. I think EVERY UK make-up junkie owns at least one of these. There was a point that I owned six...I've since whittled it down to three. Twelve intensely pigmented eyeshadow colours in one slim, discreet palette with a huge mirror for less than £10? Yes please! Available from Superdrug or the Sleek website.

4) MUA eyeshadow in 'Shade 4', £1. Ok, ok, I know to most of you it will just look like a boring, medium brown, matte eyeshadow - but to others, it will look like the perfect eyebrow shade. I've been using this to fill in my eyebrows since the range first came out across most Superdrug stores and it's been ideal. Not too red, not too yellow, how lucky to find your 'holy grail' eyebrow product for only £1! Available from Superdrug.

[[ Topshop cream blushes ]]

5) Topshop cream blush, £6. Yeah, Topshop isn't a drugstore, it sells pretty clothes and shoes any poor, jobless student couldn't afford, but the make-up is very affordable indeed. The cream blushes are stunning - love the colour range, texture and staying power. In all honesty, I'd like to own them all! Available from Topshop.

I'd also like to give GOSH 'Velvet Touch' foundation primer and Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' honourable mentions :)

Do we share any favourites? Anything here you want to try out? What are your top five drugstore products? Check out the tags for reviews and FOTDs using products from the same brands.

(P.S) Anyone else from the UK feel weird calling Boots and Superdrug 'drugstores'? It's very American/ Canadian, but seems a universal blogging and youtubing language for 'affordable'.


  1. I completely aggree about the Sleek palettes... I now own 8, thanks to the new releases :D xx

  2. I don't like calling them drugstores either!

    Mine would be Revlon Colorstay, Sleek Palettes, Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner, Rimmel eyebrow pencils and Barry M nail polishes.

  3. I agree - drugstore just sounds wrong! We should say chemist! But chemist makeup doesn't have the same ring.

    totally agree with those Prestige liners and the Rimmel powder! xx

  4. As an Australian, I feel weird saying "drugstore", but I use it because everyone knows what it means.

  5. I was actually surprised to see the title of this post from you because I didn't think that you guys called them drugstores, haha. It's probably just because I don't have access to everything you guys have over there but I feel like there's better "drugstore" makeup in the UK than there is in the US. The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess. Sigh. :D

  6. The Bad Girl palettes sold out on their online store, but I just nabbed a couple off eBay ^^. I agree with the Rimmel Stay Matte 100%! I also have three colors of the prestige liquid liner was the first eye makeup product I started using daily :) I like that it's really correctable, but at the same time that makes the staying/not budging power a little lower esp when I'm yawning/tearing a lot. I've gotta say my L'Oreal HIP e/s duos take the prize for favorite drugstore products though.

  7. We don't call them drugstores in Australia either, I tend to call it the chemist or something.

    I have a couple of those Prestige liquid liners in brown and a pretty blue, but I'm a dick and don't use them :( I pretty much fail at liquid liner if the brush isn't as thin as Urban Decay's or the L'oreal Lineur Intense XD

  8. @ Sylvieee, eight?! Madness haha. How many have they even released?

    @ Victoria India, same here! Must have been buying it for at least four years now :)

    @ Robyn, sounds wrong, doesn't it? Agreed on Barry M polishes, I have a stupid amount of them. And the Collection 2000 liners, pretty darn good.

    @ TheBristolBeautyBlog, chemist sounds wrong too, doesn't it? Might just call them highstreet brands...

    @ Dee, ditto.

    @ WillWorkForMakeup, I think I picked it up from Youtube. EVERYONE calls them drugstores on there! I feel the same about the US, grass is always greener indeed!

    @ MyTigerLily, nice find. Eee, same about the Prestige liquid liners :) We don't get L'Oreal HIP here, wish we did!

    @ SilhouetteScreams, hmm, chemist doesn't sound right to me either. Chemists make me think of old folk collection prescriptions and such. I'm practically the same now, been using my Kryolan liner with a little whippy brush so long that Prestige ones feel a bit clunky now.

  9. That MUA eyeshadow is my HG eyebrow powder too, it's such a bargain!

    I hate saying 'drugstore' too, but there's not really an alternative.


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