REVIEW - Sleek 'Peach Shimmer' Glo Palette

Since I first came across Sleek, I've been craving the 'Peach Shimmer' Glo palette - a little black palette containing five shimmering highlight shades (think Bobbi Brown 'Shimmer Bricks' minus the hefty price tag). Last week I *finally* bought one in 'Peach Shimmer', for the bargainous price of £4.99 from Superdrug.

[[ The 'Peach Shimmer' Glo palette with all its contents ]]

The palettes outer design is practically the same as the eyeshadow palettes, which I'm sure you've seen 1000 times over, so I'm not even going to show it. The 'Glo' palette itself contains two separate sections, one houses the pan of product, the other a little brush. The brush it pretty useless - you can't blend with it, it's rough, solid and the texture of the fibres means that it scratches into the product, I've binned it! Instead of the scratchy brush, I've been using a soft contour or blush brush, which both work ideally. Inside the box there was also a little 'how to' slip, giving details on how to use the 'Glo' palette to highlight your face. 

[[ Five strips of highlight shades ]]

The colours are pretty, but they have a major flaw - the texture. Frosty pearl, nororious for: 

A) Making pores look like craters. I've never used a highlighter which has picked up on my pores so strongly before - I might as well have a neon sign pointing to them and a microscope so passers by can stare in horror.

B) Looking awful on women of colour. Light reflects strongly against pearl and frost textures, so put that onto dark skin (which absorbs light more so than fair skin) and the contrast is far too vivid. Women of colour can 'safely' use pearl and frost on the eyes, but elsewhere it has a tendency to look a little...strange. A soft satin texture would be best for a face highlighter.

C) Making oily skin seem even oilier. Throw is a pearl texture and holy bejesus - you have your own light source. In general, the darker the skin, the oilier, so a brand aimed at women of colour - the texture and pearl was a pretty poor choice. 
[[ Sleek 'Peach Shimmer' Glo palette swatches, reversed ]]

It's not all bad though, the colours are undeniably gorgeous, soft and pigmented. Despite the super pearl invasion I'm sure fair to medium women who are lucky enough to have lovely skin would enjoy this palette. I've found that with an extremely light hand, my pores don't show up too strongly and I still get a highlighted look. I've also used some of the shades as eyeshadow - they last just as well as the i-divine palettes :) For £4.99 I can't complain, a compact selection of highlighters which will be ideal for the party season ahead.

There are two other 'Glo' palettes, one with bronze shades ('Bronze Baby'), one with golden shades ('Gold Digga'). All palettes are available from the Sleek website or Superdrug for £4.99 each.

* I've just been informed by Sleek that the next batch of Glo palettes will have much softer brushes and that the 'Bronze Baby' palette works well for darker skin.


  1. This looks like a great highlight palette. And a very interesting post. I didn't realize highlighters make pores look bigger and skin oilier! So I learned something today! Thanks for the review!

  2. They look gorgeous as potential eyeshadows, but DNW that on my cheeks!

  3. @ The Peach, it's certainly pretty and usable with a light hand. Loving the two far end colours swirled together :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, haha, I think it's on the middle ground - nice highlighter, nice eyeshadows.


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