REVIEW - Beauty Formulas Dry Shampoo

Recently I've been on a mission to improve the state of my poor, straw like, finger-in-a-plug-socket hair. I've gone SLS free, started using hot oils, straighten it less and wash it less frequently, too. However, washing it less has one draw back - grease. I used to wash it every four days, now it's every seven...Around day five it starts getting greasy and out come the hats, scruffy up-dos and most importantly the dry shampoo...

Dry shampoo is a real saviour for those 'head in a chip pan' days (ok, it's never that bad, but it still looks pretty undesirable). It transforms greasy, nasty hair into something more presentable and manageable so easily. Plus, you can fling it in your bag if you're on the go for quick touch ups - great! What dry shapoo is in simple terms is this - rice starch in a can. Rice starch 'absorbs' grease, which instantly makes you hair look and feel fresher.

If you're wondering how this would compare to Batiste dry shampoo, here are the ingredient differences - Batiste use more fragrance. That is literally the only difference. Most dry shampoos also have added fragrance, Beauty Formulas included. This one is a simple, clean, fresh, fragrance which I would call a true unisex scent. Not floral, not woody, just clean and light. Both Beauty Formulas and Batiste use the conditioning agent 'distearyldimonium chloride', though I have noticed that Beauty Formulas makes my hair feel much softer and smoother!

If you are after a cheap dry shampoo which really works, or just fancy a change from the norm then the Beauty Formulas one is definitely worth a look. I bought mine from Savers for £1 for 150ml of product.


  1. Eek I dont know how you get through seven days! I wash mine every two days, i know thats probably bad for my hair but i cant help it! Lol ive been trying to look after my poor hair too, after being a straightening addict for a good 5 years i got rid recently to embrace my natural curls! Its still frizzy as hell though!

  2. Good review lovely, I use Fish dry shampoo It's the best one I have tried. ♥

  3. i just purchased it to today since i use lush no drought which leaves a white cast..bought it for 130 philippine peso.much more expensive than $1 but definitely cheaper than lush


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