FOTD - The Scene is Dead...

I felt a bit dramatic and dark today, so thought I'd hark back to the days of the 'scene queens'. I know they're still floating about the interwebz somewhere, but the force aint so strong these days. The scene is dead. However, I do still love all the scene queens - namely Raquel Reed and Jeffree Star, purely for their crazy bright hair and fierce as Hell make-up...

[[ Glitter, you say? Sure, I got glitter... ]]

[[ Why does Barry M 52 never photograph as neon as it is? Love it! ]]

[[ Gotta love 80s style blush ]]

[[ Couldn't resist a token 'Myspace photo' ! ]]

EYES - TFSI, ELF black cream eyeliner, Yaby white, Yaby black, MAC 'Nylon', Girls with Attitude 'Tickle his Fancy' lashes, GOSH pencil eyeliner, Avon glitter eyeliner, Stargazer 'Holographic' glitter (this stuff is mesmerizing)

FACE - A shit ton of Collection 2000 'Matt + Minerals' mixed with...some other pale foundation, Kryolan foundation to highlight and conceal, Ben Nye 'Fuchsia' blush, MAC 'Nylon' eyeshadow, Kryolan loose powder.

LIPS - Barry M 52 lipstick.

I have such fun doing make-up like this, it always boosts my mood and my confidence. Dramatic make-up is 100x more 'me' than neutral, 'no make-up' style looks. In all honesty, I'd wear something like this every single day if it weren't so time consuming!

What do you think of scene queen make-up? Are you a fan of bold looks?


  1. This is gorgeous!

    I love scene makeup, but I just don't have the life that allows me to wear it out and about.

  2. The scene queens wish they could make up as well as you..
    Also, weren't you on Vampirefreaks some time ago?
    I think I remember you from Make up Masterminds...

  3. Wow i love this look.The glitter is amazing xx

  4. This look is BEAUTIFUL! I find "Scene Queen" makeup looks fascinating!

  5. Awesome :) this look is just amazing :)

  6. Wow youre hair really is long! Tis a shame about the scene queens, i always drool over Raquels hair! You look good with pink eyebrows too btw, i say rock them in public sometime for the hell of it!

  7. I totally agree with you - I'd wear shit like this all the time if I could! I'm a massive fan of pink eyebrows :)

  8. That looks gorgeous! Matching lips&eyebrows look so cool :D

  9. This is stunning - if don't get any marriage proposals I'd be shocked!

  10. WOW. This is crazy-awesome, lady!

  11. Sooo freaking gorgeous! Wow, wow! x

  12. SO beautiful. Love the pink brows!

  13. Love the glitter and the pink brows. :D

    Oh god, the scene. I remember my friend and I at first were like OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVAR!!!1!!11!!shiftone!!! and then quickly wised up and were like 'wow, these people are tacky and really stupid' and now they're just good for the lulz.

    Now that I'm into makeup I really appreciate their makeup styles and craziness, but Jeffree Star said horrible things about a friend of mine online (he said she looked like she'd been a crack/cocaine baby D:) so I've never been able to look at him the same since.

  14. Loooooove the pink brows - very Balenciaga......I think I would like to try green brows, but don't know if I'm brave enough!! xx

  15. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !

  16. The holographic glitter is awesome!

  17. wow such a bold look!

    Very pretty i love this!

  18. @ MakeupJunkie88, thanks :D

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, aye, same! I'm in college four days a week and usually stuck inside catching up on college work at weekends. Makes a change to be able to do something more than a '5 minute face'!

    @ Polly, haha, I wish! Jeffree Star and Raquel Reed got it down to a T. Aye, I was! I went by the username uh_oh_disco, but haven't been on in months.

    @ BeautyByPaula, thanks! I love Stargazer glitter, so cheap for a generous amount and super versatile.

    @ April Claire Makeup, thanks! So do I, it's fabulously bold :)

    @ Sarah. H, thanks very much!

    @ Aoife, ditto! I LOVE her hair, I know she uses Manic Panic 'Turquoise' :P My hair's only just past shoulder length, I think I just had my head at funny angles haha.

    @ Robyn, wouldn't the world (or at least our towns) be a more colourful place? Hehe. I used to HATE coloured eyebrows with a PASSION. Seriously hate them, even on folk with hair the same colour. I still prefer natural colours tbh, but I'm more tolerant at least!

    @ fashionedinfinland, thanks very much! I've done red brows to match red hair extensions before, too :P

    @ Skin Scrubs, ahahaha, thank you! :)

    @ Danielle, thanks!

    @ nihrida, thank you :)

    @ VampiressDoll, aw, thank you!

    @ Makeup Zombie, thanks! I can imagine you'd rock the coloured brows!

    @ Phyrra, thanks lovely :)

    @ Silhouette Screams, ahaha, SAME! Tbh,I do still love all the kiddy stuff like dinosaurs and tiaras and such, but I'd never put them in my everyday fashion...well, tiaras, anyway! J* bitched about everyone, I think he must have been given $5 for everyone he slagged off or something haha - boy got rich off that crap!

    @ Sarah Ann, try it out! Nobody need see but you :P

    @ Sue, ahaha, thank yooou!

    @ Jackie S., it's even more blingtastic IRL :P

    @ liquoredonlacquer, thank you!

  19. Gorgeous!! I'm definitely a fan of bold looks.. And I love Jeffree Star! x

  20. Love your signature Pink brows and overall pink make up look!, Looks good on you!


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