FOTD - Goin' Underground

Tonight I'm going into town to have a drink, a dance and a good laugh :) I haven't been out in Manchester for aaages and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms - even if it is mainly indie crap the DJs play.

EYES - UDPP, ELF black cream eyeliner, Sleek 'Underground', Sassy Minerals 'Understated', GOSH black pencil eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - Shu Uemura UV Mousse Base, a mix of three foundations (why not?), Kryolan Ultra foundation as concealer, Rimmel powder, Topshop 'Nutmeg' blush, Sleek 'Peach Glo' powder.

LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove'

Darn simple, right? The hardest part of this was just the blending! I love the metallic sheen to Sleek 'Underground', it makes a nice change to the usual matte blacks. I think this would look pretty with glitter eyeliner, too - but perhaps just because I'm on a glitter kick lately...

Are you stepping out this weekend? Will you be buying the Sleek 'Sparkle' palette?


  1. It's simple but I really love it. The blending looks perfect!

  2. I really like this smokey eye look! Have a good night! :)

  3. just lovely eye combo lady! - and yup I'll be getting the sparkle palette (not even gonna try and kid myself I won't give in to it, lol!)

    love a cheeky wee night out in manchester - not down a lot, but where is it we usually go, hmm, is it called Mojos?


  4. I probably won't just because I have so much make up.. but I'm tempted!
    love this look :)

  5. This looks great! Oh good cod, not another Sleek palette! I haven't got the last two yet. I'm not sure about it, it seems a bit lazy to only use silver glitter, but I like the colours.

  6. LOVE this - love smokey eyes :)

    Kaushal xx

  7. Oh that looks lovely! you really make me envy girls with brown eyes as I find you can all pull off black so well! And then add to the fact that unlike most other blue eyed girls I have thick black eyebrows so if I wear black, it overpowers my face so much! Anyway that look is lovely , I adore the metallic shine of it! :) Haha I've done my fair bit of going out this weekend already, as a huge harry potter fan i went to see it yesterday and then went out for a drink and then my brother wanted me to accompagny him for harry potter today so i did (because yesterday i had to watch it in german as english was sold out arghhh) hope you have fun :)xxx

  8. More Sleek?!! Whutwhut?

    I love Underground too, I wore it today with the silver shades from Bad Girl. You make it look amazing!

  9. Great look, and I agree that all that blending paid off - it looks flawless! xx

  10. I think smokey eyes are your 'thing', you pull it off like no ones business!

  11. Ohh I love this look!! :-) its super pretty and sexy for a night out on the town!!

  12. This is a beautiful smoky look! Hope you have fun tonight! :)

  13. Simple but looks great! I love this look, soo pretty!

  14. You created a gorgeous look :)

  15. I absolutely love your eyeshadow - the blending looks perfect! xx

  16. You rock the smokey eye/nude lip combo so well :)

    I wish the clubs here at least played indie shit, they just play awful dance music and dance remixes of top 40 shit. The only good alternative club closed down before I turned 18 :( though I hear there are good ones an hour away

  17. Pretty! I love a black smokey eye (=

  18. I luv it!! you cant go wrong with doing the black smokey eye!! =)

  19. @ WillWorkForMakeup, thanks! I generally love simple looks, especially when you're short of time.

    @ Enigma, thanks, I had plenty of fun :)

    @ GirlintheCity, I'm half and half on it...but I'm not a fan of silver glitter in 'shadows, especially warm colours like the red and purples. Moho's? Great on a Saturday night! A friend's band is playing their on Friday :)

    @ R May A, haha, my thinking too! Thanks!

    @ Julianne, I skipped the 'Good Girl' palette since I haven't a CLUE why anyone would want a full palette of pink unless they own no blush. I agree about it being lazy just adding glitter to some shades.

    @ Kaushal, thanks! Smokey = best.

    @ Nats, maybe a dark silver or charcoal would work for you? Was Harry Potter good? Can't decide if I want to see it or not! I lost the plot a few films back and wasn't a fan of the books.

    @ Robyn, YES MORE SLEEK! I just really like this palette...and their other products generally haha...hush! Ok, I'll quit it with Sleek for a bit now :P

    @ TheBristolBeautyBlog, thank you :D

    @ Aoife, aw, thank you! I love smokey looks, they're my faves :)

    @ Liquoredonlaquer, ha, thanks chuck!

    @ The Peach, thanks! I had a fun night :)

    @ Miss Nikka, thank you!

    @ Phyrra, thank you deary :)

    @ Nicola, thanks very much! I've been using a Barry M 'pencil' brush lately which has been surprisingly good :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, thanks! Gutted! I'd never travel an hour for a night out...unless some friends lived in that area. Maybe you could fill that niche and open a rock club?! Wild dreams, wild dreams haha :)

    @ Gaby, thanks, same here!

    @ MakeupJunkie88, thanks, totally agree!

  20. Love the look , What did you use for the eyebrow ?

  21. Thanks, I used the dark matte brown from the Superdrug MUA range. I can't remember the exact shade name, but it's the only dark matte brown anyway!


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