FOTD - All that Glitters...

Isn't glitter. Not in this case, anyway - it's Barry M dazzle dust in 44, which is just as pretty! Today I wanted to create a 'glamorous but everyday proof' look which would be just as suited to popping to the cinema with your mates as going to a formal evening event. Simple and understated with a golden glow.

[[ Layering metallics over black = instant win. ]]

 [[ Camera wasn't a big fan of focusing properly today :/ ]]

EYES - TFSI, Gosh black eyeliner, Yaby black eyeshadow, Barry M 44 (golden bronzey shade), mascara.

FACE - Gosh foundation primer, Kryolan Ultra Foundation (as concealer), a mix of three foundations, Rimmel powder, Ben Nye blush and Sleek 'Peach Glo' palette.

LIPS - Shu Uemura BG 942, Fyrinnae 'Lace Gloves'

Hands down the easiest method to achieve a smokey eye - Prime, line upper lashes with black pencil, smudge pencil upwards, apply shadow over the top, blend, apply mascara. DONE. Literally takes five minutes if your pencil is smudgy enough, mine wasn't so I used some black eyeshadow to aid in the process :)

How do you wear metallics? Is there a way to wear them on the lips without looking like a 90's club kid?


  1. Gorgeous look! I shall try this tomorrow :) xx

  2. I love metallics - I probably wear them more than any other finish (apart from maybe duechromes). Also, I have utter eyebrow envy.... as you'll see on Saturday, my eyebrows come from the deepest depths of hell :(

  3. Beautiful look! I always find the dazzle dusts are so messy though! I always end up getting glitter all over the place!!

    Love J.

  4. This is super pretty! Will have to try metallics over black... hmmm...

  5. This is beautiful! And you make is sound so easy! Metallic over black is always a hit!

  6. Love the colour placement! I haven't tried layering metallics over black......actually I rarely try layering anything over black :O

  7. This is so pretty even though it's simple! I really love it :)

  8. I like the way you blended the color. Gorgeous!

  9. You are really talented !
    The way you did the makeup its just so perfect , your choice of colour and the blending

  10. @ Kim, thanks! I hope it worked out for you :)

    @ Emily, I love duochromes too. Have you found any on the high street? I find I'm having to rely on mineral makeup companies for them :/ Ahaha, eyebrows are always fixable! If you saw how farty and pathetic they are without being filled in the envy would vanish for sure.

    @ Bon Vivant Clique, aye, they aren't too bad if you tap off the excess and use as primer. The glitter dusts are freakin' fall out central, though!

    @ liquoredonlaquer, aw thank you!

    @ Cydonian, thanks! It's a really nice effet I think.

    @ The Peach, thanks! It is easy after a few tries :)

    @ Ofra Cosmetics, thank you :)

    @ Silhouette Screams, you've been missing out then :P Try duochromes over black - amaaazing.

    @ Heather, thanks!

    @ Sara.H, thank you.

    @ gingerSnaps, thank you :)

    @ Shaimaa, aw thanks :)


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