Clean Up, Clear Out!

If you're anything like me, you're a hoarder. You cling on to products you know don't work for you, don't suit you, or you don't need in the hope that someday - somehow - they will transform into something you adore and can't live without. Let's face it though...that goopy, pearly gloss you've had for five years isn't going to transform into anything more than a biological science experiment. It's time to clean up and clear out!

 [[ Eye products. ]]

Eyeliners I don't use, have past their best or are just crap (Barry M - that's you, intense my ass!), nasty old mascaras which haven't even been opened in about a year (note - Kryolan mascaras have an expiration date printed on them, how ace?), shoddy eyeshadows and greasy eyeshadow sticks and creams. Do. Not. Want.

[[ Lip products. ]]

See that round pot behind the Burt's Bees lip balm? That's a colour I melted down when I was first getting into makeup...about five years ago. It was my first TRUE nude lip colour. I couldn't chuck it at first for sentimental value, before realising it's a bit gross and I now have plenty of nude shades. That MAC lustreglass was my first MAC item, too! However, the dreaded crayon smell now lingers when you open the tube....

[[ Face products. ]]

Most of these I'd hit pan on or emptied. Not too fussed since I never stick to face products religiously, although that Playboy blush you see in the corner was the most amazing pink-peach hybrid, I wish Superdrug still sold it! Also wish that Smashbox foundation has a proper shade name printed on it, it was perfect for extremely pale, ivory skintones, it never turned orange and I used it A LOT on clients. I haven't been able to find anything even half as pale since :/

Do you hoard make-up stuff? Do you need to have a clear out, too? Get rid of all that germ ridden, unloved or generally useless junk!


  1. I hoard makeup like crazy. A couple months ago I took anything I didn't want or never would use and gave it away.

  2. Lol i have these clear outs way too seldom! I should start a monthly thing! But recently i got rid of about 50 lipglosses that i just dont use, my flatmate was the happy recipient! Lol i love it she just takes whatever i give her no matter how old!

  3. I try not to hoard now. And I've seen the Playboy stuff on places like fragrancedirect, maybe. You can still get them.

  4. I had a huge clear out a while ago, most of it was things I got free with magazines that i'd never use! It always feels good knowing you've had a clear out though and it's a good excuse to buy more makeup haha

  5. I do kind of hoard, but then I do find a use for most things, eventually - lipsticks that made bad lipsticks but turn out to be good blushes, woefully unpigmented cream eyeshadows that work great as bases. A year or so ago I threw out loads of old mascaras, and since then I haven't found anything else useless to get rid of.

    I do have plenty of make-up that is really old, eg. from Superdrug own-brands that don't exist anymore (Kolor anyone?), but still in good condition, hardly used. I forget it's there half the time, distracted by the new-and-shinies.

  6. I really have some lipglosses that I need to chuck out, but I'm quite happy being in denial >_> haha

  7. Im a makeup hoarder, pretty much clothes and bags too. Haha! I do clean up from time to time, but sometimes its hard to let go of some stuff, but i just close my eyes and dump it in the trash. it feels good after. I dont want all dat nasttty! on my face anyways. :D

  8. Wow thats a whole lot of stuff you cleared out. I too need to do by the end of this month :)

  9. I do hoard but every now and again I'll have a clear out. I have a couple of items that I should get rid of but have kept hold of for sentimental reasons. The collection is growing rather rapidly now though so I may have to become more cut throat!
    Jane x

  10. @ Dainty Darling Digits, ditto. My mum usually gets it, the bins it after one week!

    @ Aoife, ahaha, oh lordy! Did you not tell her how old they were or does she just not care?

    @ Robyn, hoarding is a hard habit to break. I think you can still get the Playboy stuff on Asos, too...or at least, you could. I just like the convenience of having a store sell it!

    @ Caz, haha, that is my thinking precisely! 'Yaaay! More room! I'll fill it with more pretties...'

    @ Julianne, I do that too, then realise I'll just keep hoarding if I think like that! Could certainly find a use for practically everything, but I tend to bin everything I haven't used in a couple of months. I think I remember Kolor...might just be thinking of Avon Colour Trend, though!

    @ Silhouette Screams, BIN 'EM! GET RID!

    @ Miss Nikka, aha, I do that! That moment you let it drop in the bin 'Oh nooo :('....'BIN MORE! BIN MORE!'

    @ Ezzy, it is...but it hardly made a dent in what I have :S

    @ Jane, isn't beauty blogging lethal? You end up with so much lovely stuff but nowhere to put it all :/ I have a sentimental gloss I wont throw away, one of my first makeup items! Must be about seven years old now. I never use it, but it seems tragic to throw it away!


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