Andrea Fulerton 'Mischa' Nail Polish

I couldn't quite resist this polish when I was it in Superdrug today - a sucker for dark polishes, purple and gold glitter, how could I not buy it?


Andrea Fulerton 'Mischa' is a 'nearly purple but not quite' sheer pewter black rammed full of fine, golden glitter. Upon closer inspection, you'll catch little glimpses of silver, green and pink glitter hiding in there, too. The base colour of the polish is quite cool, so paired with the warm golden colours the contrast is quite striking and unique. I've been staring at my hands and swirling them about to watch it glisten - pretty!

Three coats to opacity as 'Mischa' is really very sheer and a long drying time - I've already got tip-wear and smudges despite only having been wearing this for about three hours. I guess the smudges mean I should have waited longer for each layer to dry...but each layer got about 10 minutes to dry each! I was extra cautious since I'm out tonight :/ Ah well...

Yes, it's a beautiful colour, but I don't want to have to wait around an hour for my nails to dry - that's just ridiculous.

£4.99 for about 5ml of product. Available at Superdrug.


  1. Ugh, how annoying. I can't bear nail varnishes that take ages to dry, usually if I'm going out I'll be applying it in a rush having totally forgotten about my nails til the last minute! It's a shame because I love the colour description.

  2. Very pretty! I just use a fast drying top coat.

  3. That's really pretty. Looks like a nice fid.


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