Accessorize 'Illusion' Nail Polishes

Being a long time Accessorize fan, I was ridiculously excited to see that they had started their own range of make-up. As could be expected from Accessorize, everything is beautifully packaged and designed - the quality is impressive, too! After perving like an old man at a cheer leading squad over their website, I popped into Superdrug to feed my nail polish addiction...

[[ Accessorize 'Purple Dream' and 'Aztec' ]]

[[ Boxed ]]

[[ Accessorize 'Purple Dream' over Barry M 'Indigo' ]]

The idea of Accessorize 'Illusion' polishes is that you can layer them over other polishes to achieve a multi-coloured shimmer effect. Layered over dark colours, the shimmer really punches through! 'Purple Dream' is a stunner and a half, which shines purple, fuchsia and blue. 'Aztec' is basically a MAC 'Mean and Green' dupe, I haven't swatched it, but you can see a fab review and swatches over at Lipglossiping. 'Illusion' polishes are basically as good as the polish you layer them over, in this case Barry M 'Indigo', which is starting to chip three days into wear. At £4 for 10ml of product, I'd say these were a bargain - I'd definitely buy some again!

So what else? Well, the single eyeshadows were GORGEOUS. Well pigmented, mainly pearl formulas - they reminded me of MUA eyeshadows minus the slighty oily feeling. There was also yet another MAC 'Club' dupe, with a more neutral brown base. Fans of MAC MSFs will love the bronzers, which in my opinion were too pale to use as bronzers (they aint matte, either) but would make nice highlight colours. The blush colours were ALL too pale and cool toned for me, which I wasn't too bothered about since they had a sheeny finish - not flattering for oily skin with pores big enough to be hiding the crew of the Mary Celeste. The lipsticks looked nice, but none of the colours really took my fancy.

Have you bought any Accessorize make-up? Planning to?

Accessorize Cosmetics are available instore and online from Accessorize and Superdrug.


  1. Gahh! In my nearest Accessorize they haven't got ANY of the range in, and no sign in Superdrug either. I've asked in both stores but no one seems to know when it'll be in! Useless :( I want to see the products in person rather than buying online! x

  2. I'm definitely planning to get some of these, once my spending ban is over. Those polishes both look amazing, and from what I've seen, the eyeshadows and blushers look lovely! xx

  3. Ah, shit, I KNEW I forgot to get something at the shops today! I NEED Aztec! Need it!

  4. Ogh i want these both! Your swatch of purple dream is the first one thats made me reeeeally want that polish!

  5. I want the whole collection... I didn't know they sell it in superdrug. In accessorize they sell it without the box. they don't have all colours available in store.. :(

  6. these are gorgeous *runs off to buy some*

  7. @ Leanne, aye, the Accessorize near me had nothing either. Superdrug all the way! I'm guessing it should be in your Superdrug within the next week at least...

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, it's a lovely colour.

    @ TheBristolBeautyBlog, there were SO MANY stunning nail polish colours, I'll definitely be back for more! The eyeshadows looked lovely but I'm not sold on the blush juuuust yet.

    @ Robyn, 'tis a stunner and a half!

    @ Aoife, my swatch is nowhere near as pretty as it is in real life. It's stunning!

    @ BeautyAddict, some polishes are boxed, some aren't. I think the boxed ones are from collections :)

    @ Jill, buy it up! Awesome stuff!


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