Vamping it up with Sleek Cosmetics

Hola! I felt a bit vamptastic today, so I pulled out two 'holy grail' products and created a tutorial using them. The products in question were the Sleek 'Storm' palette and 17 'New Black' lipstick, both of which I have mentioned before - but I just can't get enough *starts singing The Cure*...

I adoooore the blue shades in the Sleek 'Storm' palette, I think the silver-blue is particularly unique. I love rockin' some blue smokey eyes using these shades, they're so pigmented and easy to work with! 17 'New Black' is the perfect black-plum-red hybrid for me, it's actually much darker than it photographs (thanks, flash)...

EYES - UDPP, Hi-Fi base, Sleek 'Storm' palette silver-blue, dark blue and black, Too Faced 'Cream', mascara, Barry M 'intense black' eyeliner (heap o' crap btw, I don't recommend it).

FACE - Kryolan cream foundation (as concealer), Revlon Photoready foundation, Collection 2000 Matt + Minerals foundation, Kryolan powder, The All Natural Face 'Persimmon' blush

LIPS - 17 'New Black' lipstick

(P.S) Super large pics - yay or nay? 


  1. wow, this is stunning
    i like the large photos

  2. I love smokey eyes! This is one of my favourite looks on you.You rocked it well!

  3. Love this! You really pull it off, I have the lipstick too but it looks kinda weird on me as I'm so fair =0/ x

  4. Beautiful! And I like the larger pix.

  5. Looooooove that lippie! Im liking the bigger pics too, more detail! Btw do you have long hair on one side and shaved on the other? Cant quite see but it looks cool! x

  6. That lipstick is beautiful, I really want to try it but I'm afraid it will look strange on me, anything that isn't bright red or pink tends to.

  7. deff my favourite one you've done!

  8. Big pics = big YAY!

    Oh how I wish I could get away with that kind of lippy, I am working my way up to it but even lighter reds leave me itching to wipe it off, hehe. You look stunning, that blue in the Storm palette is one of my faves too.

  9. I love dark eyes and lips together! And the big pictures are nice for my weak, pathetic eyes :D

  10. So gorgeous! Especially with your hair! I love vampy looks for fall! So edgy and dramatic :)

  11. FIERCE. Love that lip colour on you :) and I like the big photos too haha

  12. you look HOT girl, love the overall look.

    fierce hair too

    mucho amor <3

  13. Wow. You look great!
    I really like that 17 lipstick! Gunna have to look into getting that one!

  14. Love this look. Totally vamp and gorgeous!

  15. @ Nicole, good! Seems that the big pics are here to stay :D

    @ Zerin, ditto! Thank you :)

    @ Karleigh, thanks! I think fair girls could work 'New Black' in a gothic way.

    @ Phyrra, thanks! Big pictures are here to stay!

    @ Aoife, the lippy is indeed awesome! Loving this shade lately. Yup, I'm growing out a mohawk, so I've got about 2" of hair on one side, long bit in the middle and one side shaved short :) Quite a mash up!

    @ Julianne, usually people are scared of the bright reds and pinks! It's worth trying, this lippy costs less that £5 after all.

    @ Kaushal, it's lovely!

    @ Victoria India, thanks very much :D

    @ Small Town Girl, big pics are staying :) Haha, try it out! I admit I do the same though, dark lips leave me a little paranoid.

    @ The Candied Mango, thanks! I usually do one or the other, but both bold works too sometimes :) Your weak eyes are saved, big pics it is!

    @ The Peach, thanks!

    @ Sue, thank you very much :D

    @ Widdlesh, thanks! Vampy looks are some of my faves, too :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, haha, your inner Tyra coming out there :P Thanks!

    @ ROSITANEGRA, thanks!

    @ VainGlorySinner, it's definitely worth a look...followed by a grab, followed by the handing over of cash haha

    @ Mz.More, thank yooou!

  16. LOL! How silly of me! I even commented on this post saying that I love the lippy!! & I totally get what you mean about it being a dupe for Majestic ;)

    Kaushal xx

  17. I have that lipstick and I love it! As for the sleek bad girl palette well I was wondering how it would go with the lipstick. Lovely!

  18. I know, I have quite big, quite pink lips, so dark colours can look weird when I open my mouth because the inside of my bottom lip is brighter than my lipstick.


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