Sleek MakeUp True Colour Lipstick - 'Majestic'

I've had this lippy for aaages. Literally about a year and a half, but I lost it somewhere along the way and figured I'd probably left it in a bar in town somewhere (like I did with MAC 'Lollipop Lovin' - so sad). I'm so happy that I found it this week tucked away in my drawer in the kitchen because it's a real stunner!

[[ Sleek 'Majestic' swatch ]]

Sleek 'Majestic' lipstick is super dark, brown-plum in colour with a near matte finish. The 'True Colour' range of lipsticks boast rich shades which are opaque in one coat, not only is that true but I've found that 'Majestic' isn't patchy, either! This is a real rarity for dark lipsticks and saves pratting about with a lip brush to get an even coverage - bonus!

[[ Sleek 'Majestic' packaging ]]

'Majestic' has the usual qualities of a matte lipstick - slightly drying but long lasting. I think that with a quick blot an a bit of powder, it could probably see you through a few round of drinks. Even if it were to wear off, the packaging doesn't look cheap and tacky, a sleek NARS-finish-esque tube with no garish labels, so you could safely whip it out of your handbag without feeling a bit embarrassed by naff looking packaging.

Priced at £3.69 for 3.5g of products, I'd call these a real bargain! Would I buy a Sleek 'True Colour' lipstick again? You bet I would - I've already got my eye on 'Amethyst' and 'Orchid'. Available from the Sleek website or Superdrug.

Oh, and (P.S) it's not quite a dupe for 17 'New Black', which is much more red, but close enough that you don't need both.


  1. Good to know it's not patchy - I find that darker colours so often are! xx

  2. Oh i love colours like this, especially in the winter! I have a major lemming for Mac's Media right now!

  3. Oooooh, love that shade! May have to purchase me some of that! xx

  4. @ Kaushal, 'tis pretty! We share a love on this one :)

    @ TheBristolBeautyBlog, it's a rarity in matte and dark shades for sure.

    @ Aoife, apparently Revlon have a MAC 'Media' dupe, I think it's just called 'Plum'...

    @ SilhouetteScreams, it is!

    @ Sarah Ann, do it! It's stunning :)


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