Sleek 'Bad Girl' Palette - Review

It's no big secret that Sleek's eyeshadow palettes are generally all kinds of awesome - and the 'Bad Girl' palette doesn't fail to impress! Twelve heavily pigmented, smooth eyeshadows perfect for unleashing your inner rebel/ rocker/ wild child. Ten of these shades are rich colours, two are perfect highlight shades.

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This time Sleek have printed shade names on the plastic insert - handy, right? Especially for youtubers and such who make tutorials, 'Obnoxious' is handier than 'The blue one, bottom row, three in from the left'. As you can see, they've all been allocated 'Bad Girl' inspired names...

Innocence - Pearly white.
Gullible - Pearly shell.
Blade - Bright, light silver.
Gun Metal - Deep, brilliant silver.
Underground (dry/ foiled) - Deep black with silver shimmer.
Noir - Plain, deep matte black.

Intoxicated - Deep velvet green with slight silver shimmer.
Envy - A strange but beautiful green-brown hybrid, very unique!
Obnoxious - An incredible, ridiculously well pigmented deep sapphire blue.
Abyss - A dark indigo blue, rare shade to find in drugstores.
Twilight - Blackened, vibrant violet.
Rebel - Deep aubergine purple.

I'm sure you will agree that these are all drool-worthy shades - especially if, like me, you're a fan of smokey eyes with a touch of drama. I think that Sleek have really outdone themselves with this palette, everything fits, every colour adds something special, there's not a dud in sight! As per always, the pigmentation of these is incredible, especially 'Obnoxious', which has crazy pigmentation in one swipe.

I think any make-up addict, teenager or goth kid would die of excitement to find this wrapped up for them this Christmas...

Available in Superdrug for £5.99. Available on the Sleek site from tomorrow! (P.S) Sleek just his 20,000 fans on facebook, so will be releasing a 50% off code soon!


  1. The bottom row of colours are GORGEOUS!! I soo prefer this to the good girl palette :)

    Kaushal xx

  2. I want this palette so much now!! awesome review :)

  3. Some of the blackened shades remind me of the new urban decay black palette too. Need this!

  4. UGH. I wish I could get Sleek palettes in the US! :((

  5. I don't care that i probably have these colours already.I WANT THIS PALETTE!!!!! xx

  6. I really want this, especially as it looks like Innocence and Gullible are the same as the white and peach from the Graphite palette and I love using them as highlights. I'm interested in the Good Girl pink palette too but want to see what the colours actually look like in real life, if there are two many orange based shades I'll leave it.

  7. WOW! This are one of the best Sleek palette swatches I've seen. Great job!

  8. OMG! So pretty. I should ask my friend from UK to get me one.Thanks for the review and let us know.

    <3 F

  9. I have seenso amny great looks with this palette already.
    great review xxx

  10. Wow!

    I have just purchased this palette and also the Good Girl palette. I'm so, so, so happy they have finally decided to get with the program and give the shadows their own names!

    Sleek rules!

  11. Just got mine yesterday.
    I've already used it to do a smoky eye today, and it just makes it ridiculously easy to do! Loving the greys and blues so far.

  12. @ Kaushal, they're stunning! Ditto, I've no use for an entire palette of pinks/ corals - weird idea from Sleek tbh!

    @ Cosmetics Aficionado, they really are. Love every colour in it :D

    @ L.F, I couldn't recommend it much more highly! It's beautiful.

    @ Enigma, ditto! I thought that when I swatched the greens especially.

    @ Widdlesh, I think they ship to the US...otherwise I've be happy to send Sleek over to you. Email me if you ever fancy a CP!

    @ BeautybyPaula, ahaha, that was my thought too. I think only the highlight colours and the black are old Sleek shades, though :)

    @ Robyn, not want - NEED. Saw your post on it actually, glad you love it too :)

    @ Julianne, I think the top row on the Good Girl palette are cool, blue toned pinks and the bottom row are hotter, orange pinks.

    @ nihrinda, thank you very much :D

    @ Flora, no problem! I'm sure you'd love it if you got your hands on it :)

    @ Nicole, gotta love dark looks! Thanks very much.

    @ VainGlorySinner, ditto! Makes it so much easier for FOTD posts and such. I think the names should be printed on the palettes though...

    @ Galenx, love the greys and blues too - just stunning :)

  13. This looks great. I particularly like the look of the bottom row, they're such intense, deep colours. Thanks for the swatches,
    Jane x

  14. Ah~ too bad I live in the US :[ This palette looks like complete perfection!! I thought I had more or less lightened up on the makeup lusting.. I guess not. *sigh*

  15. @ Jane, it really is fantastic. Possibly overtaken 'Storm' as my fave Sleek palette!

    @ mytigerlily, it is perfection! I think Sleek ship to the US now. Otherwise email me if you ever want a CP, I'd happily mail one to you.


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