New Models Own Polishes At Boots

Just a quick heads up that three shades from Models Own permanent polish line not currently at Boots ('Purple Grey', 'Mushroom' and 'Juicy Jules') will be soon, along with the Car Key Collection. All of these polishes will be available from October 6th in larger Boots stores. Plus, purchase any two Models Own products and receive a free lip gloss - advantage cards at the ready, girls!

[[ Image property of Models Own ]]

I'm glad I can finally get my hands on Purple Grey! Dirty purples are right up my street. Not a fan of the Car Key Collection colours though - they're not even nice sludgy colours...just...'blahg' cat's fur ball/ old woman's carpet shades. 

Excited? Thoughts?


  1. I actually really like Grace Green! Whether it turns up 'retro car' green or pukeybooger green is a question I might not be willing to spend a fiver to answer though

  2. woohoo after just having my acrylics removed after about 3 months if expensive infills & whatnott i am back on a nail polish purchasing mission and those colours are bloomin lovely :D

  3. Oooo Purple Grey looks most interesting. :)

  4. I've seen some nice blog reviews (with pics) on the purple ash and it looks great. Havent gone for models own polishes before but I reckon the free lip gloss will be more than enough to tempt me :)

  5. @ Robyn, 'Grace Green' took my eye at first, but I can somehow see it being pretty unattractive on :/

    @ xSafarE, eeee, kudos to you for having acrylics, they scare me to death! Keep an eye out for Collection 2000 polishes, too, they're cheap, pretty and generally good quality.

    @ VampiressDoll, agreed! Perfect for Autumn, too.

    @ All Made Up, same, it doesn't quite take my fancy though. A bit of a strange tone to it that I'm not keen on! Enjoy your purchases :)


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