New Collection from Topshop Makeup!

The 'Heavy Duty' collection consists of up to date, on trend new colours which should be gracing every fashionista's make-up bag this Autumn/ Winter. Described by Topshop as 'tough yet feminine chic', this collection has something for everyone! Consisting largely of dark, moody shades - we know this season (as always) is favouring the gothic look and classic smokey eyes.

What I've got my eye on...

[[ 'Burnished' eye pencil (£7), 'Ravine' gel eyeliner (£8), 'Steely' gel eyeliner (£8), 'Volt' gloss (£7.50) ]]

I'm thinking this has already been available a week or two, as some of the products pictures in the full collection image are not for sale online - I'm assuming they have sold out. I'll be popping into the main Manchester store ASAP to part with some cash ;)

All images from the Topshop website.


  1. I've never used Topshop make up, im not really sure about it. I'd love to see what you think of them xo

  2. I thought I'd want a liner gel, but they don't have a black one, so I'm not too tempted...

  3. I love gothic season! And those gel eyeliner colours. The colour of the gloss is fantastic but it might look a bit weird on me.

  4. Oooh, gel liners! Love to know what you think of them if you manage to find them

  5. @ Victoria India, if anything you should check out the Topshop cream blushes - they're AMAZING! perfect texture. Everyone loves the shade 'Neon Rose', it seems to suit every skintone! If I get any more I'll be sure to review it :)

    @ galenx, I think they might have a black one in the 'core' line, which is always available.

    @ Julianna, haha, 'gothic season' - might have to start calling Autumn that myself! I'm not sure on the colours myself yet, shall have tosee in person.

    @ Robyn, I shall post a review if I buy any :)


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