A Little Quiet in Bad Habit Land...

..because yesterday I was crawling around on the roofs of my town taking pictures for my photograpy course, I now need to edit them, research Raoul Hausmann's photomontages, write up how I edited everything, print them etc etc. Then I need to finally write my Dadsism essay - so I may well not be posting this week. Instead, I leave you with a couple unedited, uninspiring photos from yesterday.

[[ This city is haunted. ]]

They should look a heap better once sliced 'n' diced for some photomontages, I'll post my final piece if I can. 

Normal rambling posts shall return to usual Monday at the latest :)


  1. I miss my photography course! I love the perspective of the one of the right :)

  2. By ghooo-oo-oooosts.... sorry got distracted.... Wow those photos are not uninspiring at all! The first one is very interesting with the hard lines and the perspective. I like it! .x

  3. I love your perspective!
    Love your pictures!

    F xx

  4. @ Leanne, photography is so fun! I wish I'd done it straight from secondary school as a national diploma :/ Thanks!

    @ Aoife, yeah! Somebody understood the reference! Love AoF, wanted to see them later this year but they sold out -_- Thanks!

    @ FloraD, thank you very much!


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