Little MAC Haul :)

It was back in January that I saw the first promo images from Venomous Villains (gotta love those MAC spies over at Specktra) and thought it looked and sounded AWESOME. I kept back a Selfridges voucher I got at Christmas specifically for the collection. However, when the actual images from good folk like you and I were popping up on blogs, I found the collection very...bland.

Slight disappointment aside, I decided I'd go ahead and get some things anyway! The only items which caught my eye were 'Mean and Green' polish and 'Toxic Tale' lipstick. I also snapped up 'Jade Dragon' polish.

[[ MAC 'Jade Dragon' ]]

'Jade Dragon' is a gorgeous, rich deep green shot through with aqua sparkles. The aqua sparkles are really evident in the bottle, but appear as more of a shimmer on the nails. Opaque in one coat, fast drying - I love this formula! I think I've found my perfect green! All Laquered Up and the Manicured Manitee put my swatches to shame, go drool over the hotness that is 'Jade Dragon'!

[[ MAC 'Mean and Green' ]]

Undoubtedly one of the stars of the Venomous Villains collection, 'Mean and Green' reminds me of watching colours change in petrol puddles - fine glitter which shifts from green, to copper, to violet, to gold, to burgundy suspended in super sheer teal green polish. The formula of 'Mean and Green' is - in one word - crap. Three coats and it was STILL patchy, plus it takes ages to dry properly. Definitely best saved for layering over darker colours.

[[ MAC 'Toxic Tale' ]]

[[ MAC 'Toxic Tale' swatched ]]

[[ Aaaand worn... ]]

'Toxic Tale' was a risky choice for me, since I'd seen it was a coral - which generally don't suit me. However, it looked red-pink enough for me to get away with and fortunately I was right! 'Toxic Tale' is A LOT redder than it photographs, but pink enough for those scared of bold red lips. One swipe leaves a pinky coral flush, built up reveals a red coral, worn off leaves a natural orange-red stain. Pretty! I can see myself wearing this to death.

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchases - I LOVE 'Jade Dragon' and 'Toxic Tale', 'Mean and Green' is a bit...'meh', I'm not sold on it yet. 

Have you bought any new make-up lately? Anything from 'Venomous Villains'?


  1. i love the fist nail colour :) && MAC toxic tale looks good on you.

  2. that lippie looks gorgeous on you. Sad about the nail varnish though :(

    Left you an award on my page- i love your blog!


  3. I was hugely disappointed in Mean and Green as well! But WOW now I'm annoyed that I didn't pick up Toxic Tale! Looks fab on you x

  4. Oooh I really want some Mean & Green and the lippie looks really pretty on you, great choice!

  5. i always try purchase a little bit of something from every mac best friend is mac obsessed (seriously she could open up her own mac shop) and spoilt so she purchases the best part of most collections ...saying that shes not spend on any of the collections this year as shes found them all abit boring venomous villains had her rather excited and she spent £230 on it :\ i dont know exactly what she bought but i know she didnt get any cruela stuff or any lipstick/gloss...i refused to look at the collection because im just bloomin broke :( ....BUT as she is the bestest friend ever she bought me the nail varnish 'Formidable' and the pocket mirror 'im so vain' :D

  6. Toxic Tale is gorgeous on you! I'm trying to resist it by telling myself that a Rimmel lipstick I have is similar.....not really working now :P

  7. Jade Dragon looks amazing! Toxic tale looks really nice on you too.
    MB x

  8. @ Nadine Natalin, that green is a-ma-zing - if you get the chance to buy it, don't miss out! Thanks, I'm loving this lippy!

    @ BeautyH2T, thank you! I know :/ It looks cool over black, though :) Thanks for the award :D

    @ Leanne, 'Mean and Green' is the definition of fail in the nail polish world. 'Toxic Tale' is awesome, apparently it's really similar to 'Vegas Volt'.

    @ Kimberley Marques, thanks! I'd recommend buying a 'Mean and Green' dupe if you can find one - the formula is probably better!

    @ Phyrra, agreed!

    @ xSaFarE, your friend is very lucky, as are you for her gifts! I know how it feels to ignore MAC collections because of a very empty bank, though :/

    @ SilhouetteScreams, thanks! Apparently 'Vegas Volt' is really similar, so don't feel too miffed if you miss out on 'Toxic Tale' :)

    @ ModestyBrown, 'Jade Dragon' is really stunning and unique :) Thanks, loving 'Toxic Tale'!


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