Lets Play 'Shopping'...

Do you ever do this? Make a little (or rather large) mental list of make-up and beauty goodies you'd LOVE to get your greedy paws on? I do! I love it, it's almost like shopping for the penniless - or does this just make me sadistic? Eitherway, for some reason it cheers me up :)

[[ TopShop 'Hazard' lipstick (how stunning is this?!), TopShop 'Daredevil' nail polish,  TopShop 'Snow Storm' cream eyeshadow, TopShop gloss in 'Gloom' ]]

[[ Accessorize 'Gold Dust' polish, Accessorize 'High Maintenance' baked duo, Accessorize merged 'Pretty Pink' blush.]]

[[ Benefit Dr. Feelgood, Benefit 'Realness of Concealness' kit, Benefit Boi-ing concealer, Benefit 'Powder Time Lover' kit ]]

[[ Barry M 'Dusky Mauve, Barry M cracked polish, Andrea Fulleron polishes and nail stickers. ]]

Do you do anything similar? What beauty treats have you been craving lately?


  1. Nice post! I also want the Benefit Powder TIme Lover Kit. I think it would be a great way to try out all of their blushes. :D

  2. That Topshop lippie looks gorgeous, I also want the Topshop liptint (I'm obsessed with liptints at the moment). Also really want the Barry M Dusky Mauve! I completely empathise with this post, I have so many items I would like to own but can't justify spending my student loan on...yet...

  3. This is a cute idea. I should do one like you to cheer my mind a bit too :D

    Thanks for the idea!

    F xx

  4. I want to try the Benefit powder box so badly, I hope they make it available in the US soon!

  5. I want the realness of concealness kit really bad, I'm hoping it comes out again this year!

  6. I have an actual list. Which is very sad and does not help me to save and buy expensive things that I want, or to do good hauls. But right now I'm craving the big ass Ben Nye palette, Mac Dollymix and Well dressed blushes, Sugarpill Goldilux, ELF high def powder and the 28 neutral palette you can get on ebay. I scrolled past your TopShop wants because I just can't afford to step foot in there right now, ha ha!

  7. That Topshop lipstick and nail varnish look gorgeous. I also really want Barry M 'Dusky Mauve'. I bookmark reviews/shop links for every product I like, the idea being that when I have the money I can go through and decide what to um, invest in.

  8. I bought the "Benefit 'Powder Time Lover' kit" months back, but it was a special Travel Set you could only pick up in the airport. It was a different box and they called it "Powder Pop!" I think it's the same though: Coralista, Dandelion & Dallas. Because they didn't charge VAT I think I only paid £16.50 for it if I remember correctly.

    I bought it in Glasgow airport, so I imagine that most medium sized UK airports should have it available.

  9. I have a master list, and it's like 5 pages long O____O but I go through and make mini lists all the time of stuff I'm really wanting. So bad XD

  10. @ LaurenBaker, totally agree! Never tried their blushes before.

    @ Dani, isn't it a killer having no cash and a huge wishlist?! The Topshop liptints? The little pots put me off - all I see is a germ pot aha :P

    @ Flora D, thanks, link if you post one :D

    @ heather, be sure to post a review if you get it!

    @ DaintyDarlingDigits, have you tried any Benefit concealers? I've only tried Boi-ing but I imagine they'd all be pretty good.

    @ Karleigh, glad I'm not alone!

    @ Hefty list, Ben Nye have a hefty palette?! HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?! their blush palettes are amazing.

    @ Julianne, that's a good idea! I'm sooo craving the Topshop stuff.

    @ Galenx, bargain! Gotta love airport steals.

    @ SilhouetteScreams, ahaha, so do I! It's like p0rn for make-up addicts, aint it?

  11. LOL i thought I was the only one :S I do this on a 'cause for concern level'...virtual shopping ALWAYS cheers me up!


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