Indie Company HALLOWEEN Collections!

A few indie make-up/ cosmetics companies have released collections in honour of the spookiest holiday of all - Halloween! If you love guts and gore as much as you love lipstick and gloss - you need to check them out!

[[ My make-up, my friend, my photography = need for blatant watermark ]]

Evil Shades release six new eyeshadows, a glow in the dark nail polish AND a gloss. Full set of products here, there are also listings for a sample set of Halloween eyeshadows, 'Haunting' polish on its own and 'Zombie Kiss' gloss on its own.

High Voltage have released nine new eyeshadow shades for their Halloween collection, with shades ranging from a neutral golden brown to the more adventurous bright, creamy orange. Included with your order will be a super fun Halloween goodie bag :D

Hi-Fi released their Halloween offering with the Nightmare Collection, a hearty offering of three new Spotlight Lip Glazes (including an emerald green one - how cool?!) and ten new eyeshadows. Sample sizes are available.

Darling Girl Cosmetics are excited to release their very first Halloween Collection with some pretty face highlighters, bold eyeshadows, lip glosses and a candy corn lip balm!

Meow Cosmetics release their Alien Abduction Collection, with sixteen limited edition eyeshadow shades.

Fyrinnae celebrate in style with nine new and beautiful shades in their Dia De Los Muertos Collection.

Morgana Minerals just opened their new site! Very slick. They also just released this collection of sparkley , dramatic eyeshadows.

One Hand Washes The Other have released some new Halloween scents and a particularly beautiful new hand soap. I still think that these glow in the dark brain soaps are freakin' awesome!

Suds n Sass have some new house blends up for sale including the terrifyingly delicious sounding 'Death by Cupcake' and 'Poisoned Buttercream' as well as a pretty looking Halloween kits :)

Go have a spy and see what wicked delights are being served up for this most gruesome of nights....


  1. Lets see...I ordered from Hi-Fi, Evil Shades, Morgana, and Meow. I have been going Halloween crazy! So many fun collections!

  2. That's a fun listing. I wish the company names were links though.

  3. that picture is awesome!

  4. @ The Peach, wow, I'm so jealous! That's some excellent hauling going on!

    @ Kimberly, the collection bits are links, you can just click anything on the page to take you to the home page.

    @ Susan, thank you! It's my friend wearing horns I made :D


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