FOTD - Playing Copycat...

While half asleep in college this morning, a girl leaning against the wall facing away from me caught my attention. Knee high, lace up, black suede boots, black mini skirt, black peasant top, pure white skin and white blonde hair - she sure stood out against the sea of orange tanned, brassy blonde chavtastic girls in my college! Then she turned around and I almost squealed in excitement over her make-up!

Thick black eyeliner over the lid, flicked out and speckled with silver glitter, paired with a blackened red lip. Her lips were much darker and her eyes were lined all the way around, but I didn't fancy going 'too' gothic. She looked awesome! Imagine this make-up on somebody with pure, bright white skin?! It was amazing. She had the perfect face to pull it off.

[[ Glitzy glitzy silver sparkles! ]]

[[ Nudest nudey nude nekked lips ]]

EYES - UDPP, Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder, E.L.F cream eyeliner, Go Cosmetics glittery silver eyeliner, GOSH pencil eyeliner, mascara.

FACE - GOSH primer, Revlon Photoready foundation, Sleek cream foundation, Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder, The All Natural Faced 'Persimmon' blush

DARK LIPS - Clinique 'Vintage Red' lipstick, 17 'New Black' lipstick

NUDE LIPS - MAC 'Honeylove' lipstick, GOSH 'Darling' lipstick

I hope I bump into the goth girl again, so I can tell her I love her style and her make-up is stunning...even though I'll definitely seem like a stalker or creepy admirer. Ah well!


  1. Love this look on you! Very classic but love the glitter twist :)

  2. Ha love when youre looking at a girl because she has awesome makeup or hair or style, and they just give you this weird look that says 'well youre a stalker arent you?!'. In fairness, i do it to alot of people when they stare at me! .x

  3. this is stunning.
    your post reminded me also i need to pluck my eyebrows lol xx

  4. Love the look & especially with the red lips :) that shade of red is divine!!

    Kaushal xx

  5. I love your eyebrows!

  6. Gorgeous! I love the lip colour.

    I see this girl on the way to work and she is stunning. She wears very little make-up but she has a shaved head, is really tall and slim with great cheekbones and she always wears massive flesh tunnels, and creepers and stockings. I love her.

  7. Awesome look! I may have to copy it sometime :) I'm sure she would be flattered if you complimented her makeup!

  8. Amazing! I love it!! I love winged eyeliner!

  9. I LOVE the look! Totally need to try it ;)

  10. This is fucking beautiful! I LOVE the glitter :D such a cool and unusual touch.

    If you see her again, you must kidnap her or take stalker photos ;]

  11. @ Dani, thanks, I think the glitter made it different to a usual pin-up style look :)

    @ Aoife, ha, I do it all the time! Surprised to see somebody with an interesting style in my college though - extra long/ creepy staring :S

    @ liloo, thanks. Odd how often my 'brows are plucking reminders.

    @ Kaushal, 17 'New Black' is awesome for deepening red lippies. So glad all the deep lips emerge in Autumn/ winter!

    @ Skin Scrubs, thank you! I'm a bit OCD about them :S

    @ TheBristolBeautyBlog, thanks! The ELF cream 'liner lasts pretty well.

    @ Robyn, omg, I'd probably have a girl crush on her! If I had the bone structure to shave all my hair off, I definitely would. She's lucky!

    @ The Peach, ha, a copy of a copy - it's like Chinese whispers make-up style! I hope I see her again so I can compliment her :)

    @ ViOoOlicious, thanks, love winged liner too!

    @ Phyrra, I do vote this girl was a make-up genius :) Have fun with the look!

    @ Liloo, thanks :)

    @ SilhouetteScreams, it is! I want to take stalker pics haha. 'Hi, I like your make-up, can I take your photo for my blog?' I think she'd go running!

  12. everytime i see your looks, you not only amaze me with your skill but how gorgeous you are.


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