FOTD - £1 MAC 'Club' Dupe?! Crazy times...

I heard that MUA 'Shade 12' is a spot on dupe for the beautiful, complex shade that is MAC 'Club' and I was snatching it up off Superdrug's shelves within an instant. I'd had my eye on 'Club' for about a year, but nothing else from MAC - I'd never go in just to buy one thing, so was happy when I heard about this dupe. At just £1, MUA shade 12 is a red-brown with green-blue duochrome shimmer. Easy to apply and blend, another round of well deserved applause for MUA, ladies and gents?

[[ Wish I could capture the duochrome properly - 'tis gorgeous! ]]

[[ TopShop cream blush doubles as lip colour...]]

[[ Rare picture from my 'shaven side' haha ]]

EYES - UDPPP, UD 'Toasted', MUA 'Shade 12', MUA 'Shade 19', Fyrinnae 'Moon Child', E.L.F cream eyeliner, mascara, yaby white, Natural Collection pencil eyeliner.

FACE - Revlon PhotoReady foundation, TopShop 'Nutmeg' cream blush, Kryolan cream foundation, Rimmel 'Stay Matte' powder, Sassy Minerals eyeshadow

LIPS - TopShop 'Nutmeg' cream blush

Oh, incase you're thinking 'Shade 12' looks too warm or dark for you - my pale, ivory skinned mother has been wearing it as an everyday shade and it suits her perfectly! I actually think it looks better on her than it does on me :)

Anyone have a favourite MUA product? What do you think of MAC 'Club'?


  1. Club is my favorite mac shadow! I think I'm going to have to buy this too and compare - it looks beautiful on you! xx

  2. Oh girl! You look so pretty! Your eyemakeup look amazing too. And I really love your hairs. I wanted to shave for awhile too :D

  3. I think this color is similar to the TKB pigment Chameleon. I like the Shade 12 on you!

  4. Oh, look how cute your shaved side is! =D

  5. Loooove this shade! I don't wear it often enough!

  6. Very pretty those colors really suit you.

  7. Such a gorgeous eye look :D I have Club and I love it, though it's a bitch to photograph!

    I had no idea you had half your head shaved, that's amazing haha :D

  8. @ Nicola, 'Club' is certainly beautiful - let me know how you think they compare!

    @ Flora D, aw, thank you! shaving your head is so liberating, especially when you have thick, unruly hair like me! Just stock up on hats for Winter!

    @ Phyrra, I'm sure somebody has told be Chameleon is like MAC 'Old Gold''s a popular colour either way.

    @ nihrinda, haha, thanks :)

    @ Robyn, I need to find new colours to wear with it! Instantly drawn to adding greens, blues or neutrals.

    @ Susan, thanks :)

    @ Sue, it is indeed.

    @ SilhouetteScreams, it is super hard to photograph -_- Ha, thanks, I've had it shaved for almost 3 years :S A loooong time!

  9. I recently picked up a dark green from MUA and a pigment. I really like the selection of eye products they have. I'm looking forward to having more of a play. I love Club and this is a great dupe for a great price!
    Jane x


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