Eyeko 'Posh Polish' - for Ladylike Nails...

Eyeko's most known and loved products are probably their polishes - and I'm really not surprised! I love their formula, which seems to be surprisingly consistent - a rarity for most brands. Today a nice little parcel of polishes slid through my mail box, so I figured I'd show you one of them...

[[ Eyeko 'Posh Polish' ]]

Eyeko's 'Posh Polish' is a pretty standard, trendy greige with a slight hint of heather purple. Opaque in two coats, with a great brush perfect for easy application (even if you're a bit cack-handed like me) and relatively fast drying. Neutral enough to wear with pretty much anything and for pretty much anything. If you're short on neutrals in your polish collection, need an up to date colour for work, a change from black nails for the club or just fancy seeing what all this 'greige' business is about - I'd happily recommend 'Posh Polish'.

Available from the Eyeko website for £3.50 - free shipping within Europe!

(P.S) I know I said I probably wouldn't be posting this week, but I was far too excited not to show you this - I love Eyeko polishes!


  1. I have this one too, I love it!

  2. perfect, perfect, perfect, i need this in my life!!

  3. @ Snooze, 'tis pretty!

    @ Liloo, it is indeed one for the collection :)

    @ Sue, it's very wearable!


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