Eyeko 'Military Polish' - For Brave Nails...

Brave nails? Really? Hardcore or elite would have made more sense. Whatever. I was mega excited when I first saw Eyeko 'Military Polish' since:

A) I've been on a green nails kick.
B) It's dark and sludgy without being typical of the grunge nail trend.
C) It's Eyeko and I love their polishes!

 'Military Polish' is a sludgy, deep, swamp green. It doesn't really remind me of the typical army green, since it is golden-yellow toned, making it ideal for anyone to wear with ease. To be honest, I'm just glad Eyeko didn't go down the 'lets add grey to it' route, I'm bored of grey toned colours now! Opaque in two coats, smooth glossy finish, reasonable drying time and as per always - a fantastic brush. Subtle, yet edgy, this deep khaki polish would be ideal for anyone wanting to add a little discreet  colour to dull work clothes, those who love dark nails but fancy a change from black or those liking the ideal of khaki, yet finding Chanel's/ Model's Own's offerings a bit...bland.

Available from Eyeko's website for £3.50, free shipping within Europe!


  1. OOooooOOooh, now this, I like!

  2. That colour looks really interesting! It kinda reminds me of........... henna? Weird. But i like it! .x

  3. Totally ordered this one. Can't wait for it to arrive!

  4. That looks great. I'm really pleased you did these nail swatches as I'd passed this up when I saw it on the website. I think it would make a nice change from other dark colours.
    Jane x

  5. @ Robyn - you like, you buy! It's pretty unique.

    @ Aoife, henna, spinach...army? Haha, weird mix but I see where you're coming from!

    @ Snooze, ace! Hope you like it :)

    @ Jane, it really does. Totally abandoned my usual purples/ blues in favour for greens lately. The gloss finish really lifts it, too.


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