Bon Iver

I haven't come across a single person yet who doesn't appreciate Bon Iver. Fantasic lyrics, simple but effective guitar and occasional experimental sound effects lead by a unique, genuine voice. I'm not sure I'd call it folk, but there really has been a flood of artists with similar styles emerging in recent years - perhaps a modern take on folk.

Apparently he has been/ has written a track for the Twilight 'New Moon' film, which I actually respect!  The best thing about Twilight has been the soundtracks - the films themselves are unbelievably crap. Anyway...

Click the jump to hear some unforgettable music!

'Skinny Love' is their most popular song, I think it's been on a TV programme, which is when people started paying more attention. The lyrics are fabulous.

'Blindsided' is one of my favourite Bon Iver songs, I just love the feel of it which runs through the entire album 'For Emma, Forever Ago'. It's so calming and beautiful, I always used to sit in my room, in the dark with a candle and a bottle of Kopparberg listening to this - bliss.

'Blood Bank', from the EP of the same name. I think this song shows a definite progression from 'For Emma, Forever Ago', but the rest of the tracks sound more like somebody having a play in a studio and not getting very far. I hope the next album is a real stunner, because Bon Iver have enough talent to write something incredible.

Are you a Bon Iver fan? What do you think of modern folk style bands?


  1. I had heard of Bon Iver but never heard their songs. Definately liking blindsided out of the three you posted, its a great chillout song and we all need those! One of my favourite chill out songs right now is Foals Spanish Sahara, i pretty much listen to it as you said, dark room, candle, love it. Also the image from the video, of the shattered glass moving with the waves is soooo relaxing! Sorry for the essay of a comment! You have great taste in music! .x

  2. @ Aoife, 'Blindsided' is definitely one of their best. Eeee, I love Foals! I'll have to look up the video and have a little relaxation session with a brew :) Essay style comments are very welcome haha. Thanks!

  3. bon iver♥ the most emotional music of my life


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