7 Steps to Wearing Coloured Make-up WITH CONFIDENCE!

I often get comments from people saying that they wish they could wear bright colours or were brave enough to try to - well, you can be! The key to wearing colourful or bold looks and pulling them off is confidence. You might have the fiercest make-up in the world, but if you look awkward and uncomfortable - it's fooling nobody. I've devised these seven simple steps to wearing coloured make-up with confidence so that you can gradually wear more colour and feel comfortable and confident in doing so :)

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1) Learn which colours suit your skintone the best. One easy way to do this is by standing in front of a mirror in a plain white or black top and holding coloured items up to your face. Does your red scarf highlight an uneven skintone? Does your purple t-shirt brighten your complexion?

2) Start small. Maybe you could try swapping your clear lip gloss for a soft rose gloss, or opt for a brighter blush shade.

[[ Glamour Doll Eyes 'Martini Olive', MAC 'Deep Purple', MAC 'French Violet', Sassy Minerals 'Psych', Fyrinnae 'Envy Me', Urban Decay 'Shakedown', MAC 'Revved Up', Fyrinnae 'Shrouded in Gold', Too Faced silver ]]

3) Try 'nearly neutrals'. These are either colours/ shades very close to a tone (white, grey, black), metallics and neutrals with coloured duochrome/ shimmer. Favourites include dusky heather, olive, moss green, navy blue, butter yellow, coral, plum, bronze, gold and silver. You could just swap your brown eyeliner for plum, pink blush for coral or use a golden-pink lippy - simple!

4) Focus on one aspect of your face and really bring it out. Sweep shimmering gold across your lids and use a navy eyeliner, brighten up your cheeks and use a highlight along the cheek bones or pop on some cherry red lipstick.

5) Try some bold eye make-up. The eyes are the first aspect of the face we are naturally drawn to, so adding some drama to them draws even more attention! Use colours within the same colour group, such as varying shades of green or purple. Perhaps you could try to master false lashes, too! Even if you don't wear it out, just playing with colour and intensity will be a real help :)

6) Use contrasting shades in your make-up. You could opt to focus on the eyes, with sapphire blue and burnt orange eyeshadow, or go for bold emerald eyes and ruby lips!

7) Celebrate being over your fear!

Of course, you can stop at any stage - there's no rush or need to wear coloured make-up. Make-up can be washed off at the end of the day, so don't feel disheartened if you try something which you don't like - at least you tried! Try it out, have fun and ENJOY!


  1. Great post Lily :) you rock red lips so well!
    I managed to post your prize today by the way, sent it first class so keep an eye out! x

  2. I really enjoyed reading this :) xo

  3. Fab post !
    I haven't got a clue about what colours work best for me, never had the patience to work it out, but I am sure your 7 steps will help a lot of us.
    Thing with bright colours I find is that you eventually get a taste for them... I was stuck in the same old rut for years, then I discovered mineral eyeshadows and the array of colours they offer (so much more than the local boots) and now I'd wear pretty much any colour !

  4. Great post very useful :)

  5. Great post! I've never had a problem with wearing brights - not on my eyes/cheeks, anyway. Sometimes I'll blanch at wearing a bright pink lippy to work, or something, but I'm trying to get over that more now because I have too many bright lippies.

  6. Awesome post Lily!

  7. What lipstick is that? And the green eyeshadows? I have a compulsive desire to know.

  8. Very helpful and informative post! You should start a forum thread on this :)

  9. Love the post! So many people seem afraid with experimenting and they really should just try one thing, especially if it will make them happy. I think perhaps people are afraid of others making fun of them, but they need to remember that anyone who would make fun of them likely is too afraid to try anything bold on their own.

  10. I should really take this advise, colour scares the * out of me.

  11. Great post! I haven't had any problems wearing bright make up.. But there's many people to whom this post is very helpful :)) x

  12. Great post. I have problems wearing bright colors I just don't know what color to put on or mix something like that ;] but really great post

  13. @ Leanne, thank you! And thanks yet AGAIN for my package :) As suspected, as soon as I showed my mum, her fingers were covered in gems haha.

    @ Victoria India, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    @ Martian Delights, it's usually quite obvious when colours don't work for people. Like I'd NEVER wear yellow in block, because it looks dreadful with my skintone! Normally the change is so dramatic that you can't miss it haha :) I think it's easy to fall into a neutral rut - but colours are so fun! I went the opposite way of most people...started with yellow/ red/ orange Barry M powders, but now I'm discovering the joy of neutrals!

    @ Linsay, thanks, glad you found it helpful!

    @ Robyn, there's no such thing as too many bright lippies! That's where I 'fall' too, bright lips - but on a practical level, lip prints on glasses and cheeks are never appreciated :P

    @ Susan, thank you!

    @ Julianne, the lipstick is the brightest shade in the Superdrug MUA range (there's only two, so you can find it easily). The green at the front is Fyrinnae's 'Dragons Wing', in the middle is Aromaleigh 'Spooky' glitter' and at the back is MAC 'Landscape Green' :)

    @ Cait, thanks! I think most of the forum are neutral lovers - perhaps I could post about colour and they could get me hooked on neutrals :P

    @ Phyrra, thank you! I totally agree. I've done shoots using BRIGHT make-up before, the models have loved it, but always take it off before travelling home for fear of 'strange looks'. Standing out from the crowd a little can be liberating!

    @ Snooze, I hope you find it helpful. Colour is nothing to be scared of, it's fun!

    @ Jonna, thanks, ditto, I think a lot of people show a neutral face when inside they're a rainbow of colours.

    @ Nadine Natalin, just keep playing and experimenting :) You'll find combos you love! Thank you!

  14. Great tips! I dont even remember how I got into colour, but I remember being really scared of it around this time last year.


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