What do YOU want to see?

On my blog? More reviews? FOTDs? Tips & tricks? Swatches? Nail stuff? More skin care? More hair care? More high street make-up brands? More indie brands? Jewellery? Body mods? Non beauty related posts?

Let me know!

ALSO - recommendations for good mascaras? There are so many around that I'm spoilt for choice. Volume/ length boosting, dramatic waterproof ones are my faves. I fancy something new before re-purchasing Maybelline Falsies mascara :) OH and bright purple lipsticks?

Thanks, guys!


  1. High street make up brands! I think you write excellent reviews, very nice to read and I love reading about bargains and stuff and it's nicer to read about high street brands cause they're more affordable.

    as for mascaras, maybe you could try Urban Decay's Big Fatty, cause that one really volumises AND the brush is huge!! :D xxx

  2. I love seeing people's make up looks!

    So I guess FOTDs?


    Can't really help with the mascara, I use about twenty different ones.

  3. I love your FOTD and reviews. I'm using My Biggest Lashes mascara by Prestige, and really liking it at the moment. xx

  4. I love the looks you do! More of those please! :)

  5. I would LOVE to see more fotds from you; the swatches are very interesting and helpful as well. My top mascara is MUFE Smokey Lash (they also have a waterproof version) - I haven't bought a different mascara since I tried it.

  6. More reviews, FOTDs, Swatches, More skin care, More indie brands!

    I like Maybelinne The Falsies mascara. And purple lipstick from You, I don't know if it's still available, I'm going to find it out. Because it's the most amazing purple lipstick ever!

  7. just keep doin what your doing i think its all great tbh!

    My fave mascaras have to be.. No7 lash 360 mascara i am in love with that at the mo but my all time fave has to be benefits bad gal!

  8. More FOTDs, please! You come up with such gorgeous looks. Also cool: nail stuff, purple lipstick, indie brands, and anything you want to do.

    My true mascara love is Maybelline Volum' Express. It's got more of a waxy/dry formula (which I prefer) and makes my lashes go BAM!

    Go for the regular waterproof kind in the light silvery-blue tube, not any of the fancy "Triple XXL Mega Super Duper Turbo Lashsplosion" versions.

  9. FOTD'S! Your fotd's are the reason I started loving your blog... although your swatches have been fan effing tastic as well. Ima go with fotd's because they don't tempt me to buy tons of more makeup goodies :) You take really good quality pictures girl, I definitely love that about your blog. As far as mascaras.. I'm loving Full 'n soft WaterProof from Maybelline. It holds a curl like. damn. Overall, it's my fave so far. I've heard mixed things about the falsies mascara.. so tempted to try it though!!

    x tomi

  10. @ EVERYONE! Thanks for answering! I really appreciate it :) Looks like I better get busy with FOTDs and reviews, right? I got a new mascara today but I'm leaving it a few weeks before it gets reviewed.

  11. FOTDs, tips and tricks.. And anything you just happen to want to post :D

    My favourite mascara is Max Factor False Lash Effect! x


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