Green. The colour of plants, emeralds and those weird, foreign sweets you probably shouldn't eat. To me it's a fresh, zingy colour and I love every shade! I think green can be awkward to wear, namely because it's semi-yellow (the hardest colour to pull off imo), but a rich green suits EVERYONE. Find a perfect emerald shade and you're set. Also, the good ol' gold glimmer for warm skin tones, silver for cool skin tones helps a lot.

[[ Urban Decay - Protest, Shakedown, Absinthe, Graffiti, Covet 24/ 7 eyeliner ]]
[[ MAC - Old Gold, Landscape Green, Kelly Green, Teal ]]

[[ Heavenly Naturals 'Dragon', Glamour Doll Eyes 'Immature', Aromaleigh 'Spooky', Aromaleigh 'Radioactive', Fyrinnae 'Omgwtf', Fyrinnae 'Dragon's Wing' ]]

[[ The All Natural Face 'Ocean Green', TANF 'Mint Green', Darling Girl 'Wicked', Darling Girl 'Grotto', Sassy Minerals 'Bad Attitude', Make-up Enigma 'Poison Tree Frog' ]]

[[ Beauty UK Palette 2 lime, Ruby & Millie khaki green, Ruby & Millie forest green, Barry M 'Khaki', 17 'Seafoam Green', 17 'Green Glimmer' ]]

[[ Kryolan 'Emerald', Victoria Jackson 'Green Envy', Yaby 'So Vein', Yaby lime, 
Too Faced 'Wicked Green' ]]

What colours work with green? Gold, silver, taupe, purple, yellow and blue are my faves for pairing with green.

My picks? Yaby 'So Vein' is the most incredible blue-green hybrid - possibly my favourite 'shadow in my entire collection! The Beauty UK palette lime is really pretty, shot through with a radiant golden sheen. 17 'Green Glimmer' will always be a bit special to me - it's one of the first 'shadows I ever bought! I've not a clue why Armaleigh's 'Radioactive' goes by that name - it's supposed to be a super bright, funky green, but in reality it's the weakest one I own! Same goes for Kryolan 'Emerald'...emerald?! WHAT?! It's just a pastel green wannabe.

What are your favourite green make-up products? What brand do you think do greens best?


  1. -Love- Dragon's Wing and Wicked... you have an awesome green collection!

  2. Old Gold is soo pretty!! I have MAC Teal, one of my faves.

  3. Mac Old Gold is exactly like discontinued shade from TKB called Dragonfly...

  4. 17's Seafoam Green is immense! Loving greens at the moment, definitely need to add OMGWTF to my next order. My fave greens at the mo are HiFi's Sweet Dreams and the Wet and Wild Cool as a Cucumber palette (awesome green highlighter in there and an a lovely khaki that I need more taupes to go with :s)

  5. I don't have favorite green eyeshadow for now. I randomly use from different palettes. I remember Antique Green from Maybelline is quite pretty. However, I love all your green eyeshadows :D


    My favourite greens are Sugarpill Midori, Concrete Minerals Juvenile (though it's almost yellow), Hifi Distortion and Raw Shock and High Voltage Starbreaker.

    I also have a lot of Aromaleigh greens I love, but they were gifted to me and I can't remember the names XD

  7. I love your swatch days. These are some of my favorite posts!

  8. @ Cydonian, Dragons Wing is probably the most unique green I have. Love how it's shot through with aqua. Wicked is awesome, love it with violets!

    @ Sue, love Old Gold over a black base! Teal really is gorgeous, no idea how I left it in the drawer so long!

    @ Liisk, I wouldn't have a clue, not down on my TKB pigments. You can get very similar shades from mineral MU companies though...

    @ Robyn, do you own it? If not, you can have my Seafoam green, I've only ever swatched it and can't see myself using it! Neeeed to check out Hi-Fi greens because I love their colours.

    @ Flora D, ooh, never really checked out Maybelline shadows, I'll go have a spy. Thanks!

    @ SilhouetteScreams, aaah! You're making me want all of those greens! I wish AL weren't closing :( I only got a few samples and now they don't ship internationally *sigh*

    @ Susan, aw, thank you! I'm glad you like them because I wasn't sure if people were enjoying them enough to carry on with them.

  9. This is the best swatching of greens I've ever seen! Not just the colour range from cools and warms but the thickness of the swatches. You could give some famous swatchers a run for their money. I've bookmarked this page for reference now brilliant!


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