SWATCH SUNDAY - Batting for Blue!

I think you'll agree that blue is one of those 'stand out' colours. I can never pass up on a beautiful blue and have, therefore, acquired quite a few...From the palest sky blue to the deepest, darkest indigo - there's something for everyone.

A lot of people fear blue eyeshadow, thinking it will make them look like a hooker or a kid playing in make-up. Not true! If you choose a shade suited to your skin, you should be perfectly fine. As a general 'rule', aquas, baby blues and silver blues suit pale, cool toned skin and indigo, saphires and golden blues suit darker, warmer skin. I also recommend adding another colour or using a few different shades to eliminate the 'block blue' effect.

[[ The All Natural Face 'Deep Steel Blue', Hi Fi 'Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll', Enigma 'Zeus', Fyrinnae 'Japan', Fyrinnae 'Digital Faerie', Fyrinnae 'Sleeping Cutie' ]]

[[ Urban Decay - 'Goddess', 'Shattered', 'Painkiller', 'Peace', 'Electric' 24/7 'liner ]]

[[ Too Faced 'Midnight', Yaby 'ES473', Yaby 'ES553', MAC 'Steel Blue', MAC 'Sky Blue' ]]

[[ E. Funkhouser 'Risque', Barry M 'Kingfisher Blue', Ruby & Millie dark blue and aqua baked eyeshadows ]]

[[ Sleek 'Storm' palette dark violet blue and silver blue, Sleek 'Original' palette dark blue and bright blue ]]

 [[ Kryolan - Aqua glitter creme, blue aqua colours, 'TV Blue' eyeshadow ]]

What colours work with blue? Gold, bronze, silver, bright purple, green, yellow, orange are a few of my favourites to pair up with blue.

My picks? Well, I always recommend Fyrinnae's 'Digital Faerie' - it's so gorgeous IRL, but it doesn't photograph as the aqua-gold-green hybrid that it truly is. My all time favourite MAC pigment is 'Sky Blue' - it looks AMAZING paired with a bold purple like MUFE 92, which is also quite possibly my favourite colour comb!. The Sleek palette blues are fantastically pigmented, beautiful colours - perfect for smokey eyes, too.

What are your favourite blue make-up products? Are you scared of blue eyeshadows?


  1. I think Digital Faerie is my new favourite! Haven't worn it as a lid colour yet but I'm going to pair it with black and silver I think. Sky Blue is on my lust list now!

  2. Wow, these are gorgeous. Particularly like HiFi "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll", Fyrinnae sleeping cutie, kingfisher blue, and the Kryolan aquas in the middle if the last photo. The R&M dark one is lovely too - is it from a palette or sold as individual eyeshadows?

    I love the idea of blue eyeshadow but it tends to look overdone on me so I just use it to line my eyes - it really does make brown eyes stand out!

  3. I'm Indian so am always terrified of trying blue as my skin has very yellow undertones and I always worried it just wouldn't work on me. However I have just found a beautiful navy eyeshadow from Nars which I adore so maybe this is the start of something new for me! X

  4. Sleeping Cutie looks awesome. I <3 Digital Faerie. Goddess looks nice.
    I love wearing blues :>

  5. Am I scared of blue eyeshadow? Hellllllll No :D

    I love rocking a blue eye look. My current faves are MAC Freshwater and MAC Sea & Sky duo. Loooove them :)

  6. @ Robyn, I think Digital Faerie would be an awesome nail polish colour too. Sky Blue is stunning! So much love for that pigment.

    @ Galenx, the R&M colours were from a set a few years back, but I'm sure you can buy them individually, too. I'm liking blue eyeliner, too, but always feel a bit odd with anything but black!

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, try a deep inky blue or a golden blue. I love Indian ladies wearing deep, sultry blue smokey looks!

    @ Phyrra, you are the queen of aqua blue! Your FOTDs always seem to include it somehow :P

    @ unleah_the_bats, I'm jealous of anyone with the sea and sky duo! I had no cash to get it when it was released and it's so beautiful!


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