Swatch Monday - All over ORANGE!

Swatch Sunday? Swatch Monday! See what I did? Clever, right? *Ahem*...Oranges swatched today, I only just realised how stunning and complex a colour it really is. Some products looked pure orange in the jar, and turned out more pink, copper or bronze. I hardly ever see oranges used in FOTDs, it's a bit scary to work with since it's made up of two colours which often jar with skintones - red and yellow. But WOW - what a colour!

[[ Barry M 'Orange', Hi-Fi 'Mind Manipulator', Fyrinnae 'Third Wish', Fyrinnae 'Chlorophyll', Mad Minerals 'Wild Mango' ]]

[[ Hi-Fi 'Burn all the Empires', MAC 'Melon', Fyrinnae 'Rapunzel Had Extensions', Heavenly Naturals 'Hummingbird' ]]

[[ Barry M orange gloss, Kryolan LC004 lip colour, Kryolan aqua colour, TANF 'Terracotta' blush ]]

What colours work with orange? Red, yellow, gold, cream. I'm also partial to a little blue.

My picks? I can't praise Hi-Fi 'Burn all the Empires' or 'Mind Manipulator' enough. 'Mind Manipulator' is an incredible, rich, hot orange shot through with glowing gold - I think you'd have to see it to truly appreciate how amazing it  is. I love the complexity of 'Burn all the Empires', not quite orange, not really pink, not exactly bronze...such a wonderful, versatile shade. The All Natural Face 'Terracotta' blush has become quite a staple for me, too! Fantastic for warm skin tones.

Are you intimidated by orange? Favourite orange products?


  1. Orange is absolutely marvelous for my skin and haircolor. There was a look on MakeUpStore magazine that I'd like to try - unfortunately I have not been able to duplicate the high sheen orange lip color nor the lighting conditions - I just look frivolous. MakeUpStore Magazine No 1 (the original swedish copy) page 35

  2. Despite having yellow toned warm skin I refused to wear anything orange or bronze for years. This year I finally had an epiphany...and now I can't get enough of them. Fyrinnae's chlorophyll looks amazing, I need to get some of this!

  3. I'm not scared of orange... orange and purple is a win combo. Love that Barry M gloss

  4. I love using oranges and corals - they make my blue eyes pop like no other. :) That Mind Manipulator looks amazing!! MAC Pro's Coral and Rule are staples for me.

  5. I love MAC's cream colour base in Virgin Isle - it's more of a peachy-orange but very pretty and makes a great base!

  6. I love orange! Especially on the lips, which apparently is like a big beauty no no? fuck that, I love me some orange! Infact I have orange nails right now. woot.

  7. @ Liisk, that link is awesome! Just spent ages looking through the mags on there :) An orange lippy and gloss should do the trick pretty well. Maybe a mix of OCC red and yellow lip tars?

    @ Glitterish Allsorts, oranges are indeed the bees knees. Chlorophyll is definitely worth adding to Fyrinnae wish lists!

    @ Robyn, you are one of a rare breed then! The gloss is a funky colour, but it smells HORRIBLE. Like strong, cheap orange sweets.

    @ Amy, they do indeed! I LOVE when blue eyed folk wear orangey shades. Mind Manipulator is incredible, like no other orange eyeshadow I've seen!

    @ Kate, I guess you could double it up as a blush, too then :)

    @ Methadone Pretty, orange lips were a HUGE trend last year! They're often on models at fashion shows/ in shoots too. I'd wear 'em, but they remind me of when babies get beans around their mouths haha.

  8. I like Wild Mango. I always wondered how close Melon and Rapunzel had Extensions were. I love Rapunzel!

  9. @ Phyrra, RHE is basically a pinkier version of Melon, which is odd, because swatched on its own I'd never have called RHE pink!


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